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[7:51] <grey_> Rorys email regarding the change: "Any help reporting issues to popular tools and libraries would be appreciated."
[7:51] <grey_> If you need access, I think the simplest way could be to report it and have them change the field to protected
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[23:40] <stewori> jimbaker: Good hint with the link regarding private field access in Java 9. We can keep this in mind to tackle http://bugs.jython.org/issue2582. However this would require Java 9 specific code, at least as I perceive it so far. So for Java 9 the easiest approach might be to let the Jython launcher use `--permit-illegal-access` by default
[23:42] <jimbaker> stewori, yeah, i'm sure we can be more clever, but this is a good start i agree to workaround in the launcher for now
[23:43] <stewori> grey_: This was about org.python.core.io.FileIO, regarding JyNI support for PyFile, https://github.com/Stewori/JyNI/issues/11
[23:43] <jimbaker> stewori, also i was going to comment on your blog, but due to my poor german reading skills i managed to completely lose my comment and logout out of google simultaneously
[23:44] <jimbaker> lesson learned - just don't click some links :)
[23:44] <jimbaker> anyway, i was very happy to see the progress on jyni and was planning to try out latest
[23:45] <jimbaker> also hopefully the doc plan i discussed on the rc3 thread looks good
[23:45] <stewori> jimbaker: Oh, there should not be german reading skills required for that blog. Did I get some settings wrong?
[23:46] <jimbaker> it's very interesting - the posts are of course in english, but the blog itself has german framing, in terms of all links, etc
[23:47] <jimbaker> it's interesting, because i'm logged in through google, in the US, with my en preference... and that's how it gets rendered. but not so interesting i guess :)
[23:48] <stewori> Oh, okay now that you mention it: There is "Kommentar ver??ffentlichen, Weiterlesen" I thought this would be my locale setting. I'll see if I can fix it. The blog is supposed to be in english of course.
[23:50] <jimbaker> yep
[23:53] <stewori> should be fixed now
[23:53] <jimbaker> all in english on my side now, thanks
[23:54] <stewori> perfect
[23:56] <jimbaker> stewori, i need to take off in a few minutes (yoga! important for preventing RSI for me)
[23:56] <stewori> I quickly got tired of using Windows. By now I figured out that cl.exe is rather workable using wine^^
[23:56] <jimbaker> oh nice. that's much better
[23:56] <jimbaker> and lighter weight
[23:57] <stewori> Will describe the setup approaches in the next post. Meanwhile suffering the pain of converting tons of C to C89
[23:57] <jimbaker> i suppose it's possible that some of the stuff i did in terms of fixing windows bugs might only be observable on windows itself, but those are more obscure corners
[23:57] <jimbaker> like net drives
[23:57] <stewori> stay tuned... And have a nice yoga session
[23:58] <jimbaker> will do. helps keep the shoulders, neck, and wrists in good shape!
[23:58] <stewori> I will surely test on windows too
[23:58] <jimbaker> please comment on the RC3 docs thread, if only to say +1
[23:58] <stewori> but the wine toolchain is nice for the major bunch of work
[23:58] <stewori> Right, I'm happy to ee this kicking off
[23:59] <jimbaker> stewori, and you do have a MSDN license, right?
[23:59] <stewori> However I have no capacity to contribute on this front, at least not before GSoC is done
[23:59] <jimbaker> that's absolutely fine focus


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