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[17:26] <whilo> stewori: hi :)
[19:24] <stewori> whilo: Hi! And thanks for offering help at https://github.com/Stewori/JyNI/issues/11
[19:25] <whilo> No problem.
[19:39] <stewori> Getting the FILE-pointer from the JVM to implement PyFile_AsFile will be the hardest part. I hope we can do something like in http://www.kfu.com/%7Ensayer/Java/jni-filedesc.html
[19:40] <stewori> If someone has an idea how to andle cases where PyFile is not backed by a FileIO, hints are welcome!
[19:40] <stewori> *handle
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[20:32] <whilo> Ok, I can access the filedescriptor of FileIO via reflection: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1196192/how-do-i-read-a-private-field-in-java
[20:33] <whilo> I guess I should add this to Jython to access the file descriptor through PyFile(?)
[20:36] <whilo> File.__int__() does that already :)
[20:36] <whilo> FileIO.__int__()
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