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IRC Log for 2017-06-13

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[0:46] <stewori> jimbaker: There is this link to document source on jython.org: http://www.jython.org/index.txt
[0:47] <stewori> looks like rst
[0:47] <stewori> maybe we can use it as starting point for the github page
[0:48] <stewori> Who is (or was) actually the maintainer of jython.org?
[1:12] <stewori> jython.org looks very much sphinx-made. (Maybe with a custom template?)
[1:19] <stewori> According to https://wiki.python.org/jython/WhosDoingWhat Josh Juneau is doing the website. Is that still the case?
[1:20] <stewori> (I'll maybe contact him directly)
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[4:53] <jimbaker> stewori, josh juneau was principally working on it, so yes please contact him
[4:54] <jimbaker> good find re index.txt - certainly best to start with something
[4:54] <jimbaker> probably generating with sphinx is the right approach, but regardless with a better/simpler theme
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