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[13:28] <topi`> jimbaker: agreed, pull requests all the way
[13:29] <topi`> jimbaker: I got some questions from the audience, but they seemed to be focused on the performance impact of using jython... even though I *tried* to explain that if there is a perf bottleneck somewhere, just rewrite it in Java and import it
[13:29] <jimbaker> right. fwiw, i don't know how to edit jython.org, because it is own unique setup
[13:29] <jimbaker> made sense a while ago, but we now have better tooling
[13:30] <topi`> I should have explained them that jython allows other programming paradigms than the usual object-oriented one, and you can mix and match styles
[13:31] <jimbaker> re performance - it is a problem that can be solved, but it is not so easy either. using the new type support would make it much more feasible
[13:31] <topi`> and if using functional style, even partially, allows to reduce side effects
[13:31] <jimbaker> so mixing in java is the right answer :)
[13:31] <topi`> import itertools
[13:31] <jimbaker> itertools is a good example, because it is written in java in the jython runtime, for performance.
[13:34] <topi`> IIRC itertools are written in python in CPython
[13:41] <jimbaker> no, it's written in C - https://github.com/python/cpython/blob/master/Modules/itertoolsmodule.c
[13:43] <jimbaker> still worth comparing java vs C. note this is a bit more complex because we have to support these functions so they fully match python semantics
[13:43] <jimbaker> https://github.com/jythontools/jython/blob/master/src/org/python/modules/itertools/permutations.java
[13:44] <jimbaker> and https://github.com/python/cpython/blob/master/Modules/itertoolsmodule.c#L3015
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