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IRC Log for 2017-05-26

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[0:53] <stewori> ScottD: You can grab https://github.com/jythontools/jython/releases/tag/v2.7.1rc1
[0:54] <ScottD> Thanks. Was hoping for a binary. I'll try to be un-lazy later. :-D
[0:55] <stewori> oh, sorry, thought that would include a binary
[0:56] <stewori> That's a release including a binary: http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.de/2016/02/jython-271-beta3-released.html
[0:56] <stewori> At least from 2016
[0:57] <stewori> However I'd recommend to build from trunk. We did a lot of stuff since 2.7.1b3
[1:14] <ScottD> Glad to see it's not dead. :-)
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[9:35] <topi`> jimbaker: maybe we should write a HOWTO for python/java interoperability? I didn't know about the requirement of fully qualified packagenames
[9:40] <topi`> jimbaker: after my presentation yesterday, the audience (most of our corporate coders) voted "if I could choose the main language for my next project..." and Java got 35%, Python 21%, GO 16% of votes
[9:41] <topi`> so not too bad :)
[9:41] <topi`> but we're clearly a java shop
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