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IRC Log for 2017-05-17

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[1:07] <jimbaker> topi`, i don't know if anyone has tried PIL. i have not. but jyni does work on linux. get it at http://jyni.org/
[1:09] <jimbaker> stewori will be working on this for gsoc this summer, and it's a good thing to check. the biggest question is how well behaved PIL is, in terms of ref counting. it's not exactly the most modern codebase
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[12:17] <topi`> indeed. I just threw something of of the hat :) nowadays the amount of modules that only work on CPython is diminishing anyway
[12:17] <topi`> numpy is probably the biggest holdout
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[22:00] <pjenvey> who's at the pycon language summit?
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