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IRC Log for 2017-02-27

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[6:50] <javenoneal> any jython.org website maintainers, http://www.jython.org/devguide/help.html#ask-jython should link to https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#jython for people, which might make this support avenue more accessible to those who do not have an IRC client (whether that's due to admin privileges at work or out of minimalism)
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[10:17] <javenoneal> does anyone know how to run a single jython class? There's an ant target for singlejavatest
[10:29] <javenoneal> dist/bin/jython dist/Lib/test/regrtest.py --expected -v -j dist/testreports --use network,subprocess test_module_name_to_test
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[16:24] <jimbaker> on the jython-dev mailing list, i suggested we are now ready for a 2.7.1 RC1, given that pip now works on windows
[16:25] <jimbaker> it's only about 18 months behind our original schedule, but hey, more functionality implemented and bugs fixed than originally anticipated
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