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[16:34] <floyd> hi there
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[16:35] <floyd> The page at https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonFaq/GeneralInfo states "For the next release of Jython, we plan to support the C Python Extension API.". How old is that sentence?
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[17:33] <xentrac> floyd: checked the Wayback Machine?
[17:33] <floyd> xentrac: good idea
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[18:39] <qwebirc59444> I'm having trouble running any jython program like this in linux: "/usr/bin/time timeout 60 jython program.py". once the time specified by timeout passes, it doesn't stop execution. I understand it's not really a jython issue, but it doesn't happen with either python or pypy. on the other hand, stuff like timeout or /usr/bin/time on their own work with jython, as does "time timeout 60 jython program.py". would anyone maybe have
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[18:53] <jimbaker> qwebirc59444, so this looks like timeout interacts poorly with jython's launcher
[18:54] <jimbaker> here's an alternative that should work for you
[18:54] <jimbaker> $ timeout 5 $(jython --print) -c "import time; time.sleep(30)"
[18:55] <jimbaker> the command `jython --print` prints on stdout what is necessary to invoke jython with the actual java command
[18:56] <jimbaker> hope that helps!
[18:56] <jimbaker> floyd, xentrac, re outdated docs - yeah, sorry about that
[18:57] <floyd> jimbaker xentrac: so I understand it correctly that native code is still under way and in progress with JyNI but apart from that not much?
[18:57] <jimbaker> i have very little time for jython these days, and updating docs, while awesome, is not a personal priority item
[18:58] <jimbaker> floyd, correct, jyni is the approach to implement this api
[18:58] <floyd> jimbaker: hehe, don't worry, we've all been there
[18:59] <jimbaker> floyd, thanks for the understanding!
[19:00] <floyd> jimbaker: I see. I wanted to use Python Pillow, but that doesn't work with Jython for those reasons. Now I just wrote a Java class that does the image resizing. And now I'm implementing it in Python with Java classes??? the ugliest solution but probably the one that works best
[19:00] <floyd> ImageIO at least *should* support TIFF images with Java 9
[19:01] <jimbaker> floyd, yeah, everything in pillow is easy enough to do with built-in java
[19:01] <jimbaker> or if not, there's a third party jar
[19:02] <floyd> jimbaker: that's true and wasn't even sure if a dependency makes sense. What's nice with Jython is that I can use both standard libraries (Python and Java), so in this case it saves one more dependency (and that's quiet important in my case)
[19:03] <jimbaker> floyd, got it
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