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IRC Log for 2016-12-24

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[5:07] <stewori> Guys, here is my christmas gift for you:
[5:07] <stewori> I can proudly announce that issue 527524 will hardly bother us any more.
[5:07] <stewori> (Cannot compile to use methods exceeding JVM size restrictions)
[5:07] <stewori> As of commit github.com/jythontools/jython/commit/2c0dda9be0b7bb9f094960a251cbe93c1dd170aa
[5:07] <stewori> it is sufficient to provide a CPython 2.7 pyc-file for the module with oversized methods.
[5:08] <stewori> (e.g. run python -m py_compile oversized.py, however Jython will tell you now)
[5:08] <stewori> - Properly sized methods in the same module still become normal JVM-bytecode.
[5:08] <stewori> - You won't have to distribute the pyc-file, because the required parts are embedded into the Java class-file
[5:09] <stewori> Happy Christmas!
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