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[20:12] <jimbaker> yeah, questions please :) we are around, sometimes at the same time as our questioners. enjoy the async quality of irc!
[20:14] <jimbaker> but to be clear: this is not a forum where one can negotiate for a block of unspecified help at some guaranteed time interval. this is just some friendly people interested in an open source community around jython
[21:01] <gsnedders> jimbaker: FWIW, I'm gonna try and get Jython running on html5lib's CI sometime next month, probably, and try and fix the bugs we have
[21:13] <jimbaker> gsnedders, sounds good, and thanks!
[21:14] <gsnedders> jimbaker: also good to know my statements on HN on Jython were correct :)
[21:15] <jimbaker> i am taking the last 2 weeks of the year off for vacation. although i'm planning to be spending most of that time skiing, hiking, and indoor bouldering, i cannot just do that. physical limits and all
[21:15] <jimbaker> so some time surely for jython, and getting our windows support for 2.7.1 working
[21:15] <jimbaker> maybe even time for jython 3.5? we shall see...
[21:16] <jimbaker> gsnedders, and yes, good summary :)
[21:23] <gsnedders> Good to know my lurking has come to something :)
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