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[15:11] <frostilicus> hey, anyone here?
[15:19] <xentrac> hi frostilicus!
[15:24] <frostilicus> hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out with the issue posted here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41005408/are-java-strings-supposed-to-be-converted-to-a-python-unicode-when-added-to-a-co
[15:24] <frostilicus> The issue seems to be jython converting java Strings to python unicode objects under certain conditions
[15:24] <frostilicus> I'd like to know more about why and when this happens, and if it happens with any other objects
[15:25] <frostilicus> I tried googling but couldn't find any discussion or documentation about why I'm seeing this behavior
[15:28] <frostilicus> xentrac: what do you think?
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[16:07] <frostilicus> xentrac: still there?
[16:19] <xentrac> hi
[16:19] <xentrac> probably a good example of why it's considered better to start by asking your question rather than asking to ask :)
[16:20] <xentrac> I am pretty sure it happens with many other kinds of Java objects, the ones that have built-in Python equivalents
[16:21] <xentrac> but I too am surprised that it happens when passing a Java object to a Java method of a Java object
[16:21] <xentrac> it might be relevant that the type of the Java method in question has a parameter type of Object
[16:23] <xentrac> presumably if the parameter type were java.lang.String then Jython would at least convert it back to a java.lang.String if not avoid the conversion to Python strings entirely
[16:31] <xentrac> I assume that the thing that is doing the conversion is necessarily the Jython proxy instancemethod generrated by getting the `add` attribute from the (Jython proxy object for the) ArrayList
[16:31] <xentrac> since type() successfully shows that it's a java.lang.String and nota Python string
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[16:35] <frostilicus> hmm, maybe I'll try some experiments with other objects and methods
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[16:42] <frostilicus> nope, even with a class with the field `private String inner;` and methods: `public String get() { return inner; }` and `public void set(String inner) { this.inner = inner; }` I still get a python unicode from the get method
[16:49] <frostilicus> I added the following method to my class: `public boolean is(String other) { return inner == other }` and that returns True when I call `b.set(a); b.is(a)`
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[19:26] <xentrac> that's a different situation though
[19:27] <xentrac> but it does suggest that directly invoking the String constructor from Jython is special
[19:28] <xentrac> it seems likely that Jython's string object wraps a java.lang.String, which would explain why .is(a) returs true
[22:10] <gsnedders> (It does)
[22:44] <xentrac> (sorry for not having looked)


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