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[14:18] <aihika> hi
[14:18] <aihika> is there any jython cloud service?
[14:20] <agronholm> what would that do?
[14:27] <aihika> deploying web apps
[14:27] <aihika> actually i`m looking for service to install jython + django
[14:28] <aihika> wonder is there any
[14:46] <agronholm> aihika: why jython + django?
[14:46] <agronholm> I imagine there are better tools for creating a web app
[14:59] <Cheaterman> Owiiii agronholm ^__^
[15:00] <Cheaterman> I hope you're doing goodie
[15:00] <Cheaterman> Also, I second your statement!
[15:00] <Cheaterman> aihika: Why Django at least? I'd use Flask+SQLAlchemy (which has some python-only DB adapters which work in Jython, also SQLite)
[15:01] <Cheaterman> But any specific reason for Jython?
[15:15] <aihika> no reason...
[15:15] <aihika> just in the beginning of learning python in part of webdev
[15:16] <aihika> thank you, anyway
[15:17] <Cheaterman> aihika: what about just using Python then
[15:17] <Cheaterman> You don't really need Jython do you
[15:17] <Cheaterman> CPython I mean
[15:21] <aihika> Cheaterman, may be you re right
[15:21] <aihika> but to choose from CPython and Jython, which is better?
[15:21] <aihika> *choose between
[15:24] <Cheaterman> CPython is the reference implementation, it's better supported, so if you're beginning it's highly encouraged to use it
[15:25] <Cheaterman> it's by far the most widespread implementation
[15:25] <Cheaterman> Jython is useful in some specific cases which you may or may not some day care about
[15:25] <Cheaterman> But at this point I think you should just learn on CPython
[15:25] <Cheaterman> aihika: ???
[15:41] <aihika> oh thank you
[15:41] <aihika> will take a look on Cpython
[15:45] <Cheaterman> :D
[15:45] <Cheaterman> NP bliblibli
[15:46] <aihika> Cheaterman, where are you from?
[15:49] <Cheaterman> France, you?
[15:55] <aihika> oh i see
[15:55] <aihika> Russia)
[16:01] <Cheaterman> :D
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