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[19:42] <IvanPonomarev> Hello, anyone here? I've got a problem installing jython 2.7.0 on Ubuntu 16.04: "NotImplementedError: passwd.pw_passwd unimplemented"
[19:43] <IvanPonomarev> Did set JAVA_HOME environment variable, did not work for me
[19:43] <IvanPonomarev> as a result pip is not working
[20:03] <IvanPonomarev> Oracle JDK8
[20:17] <xentrac> I am here
[20:17] <xentrac> I haven't tried running pip under Jython myself
[20:19] <xentrac> however I can report that struct_passwd.pw_passwd is not at all unimplemented in my copy of Jython
[20:19] <xentrac> there's a bug report about this form last year: http://bugs.jython.org/issue2333
[20:21] <xentrac> and in http://bugs.jython.org/issue2346 someone reports, "Yes it does seem to be caused by a JAVA_HOME set inconsistently with the Java in the PATH and used for installation"
[20:21] <xentrac> although the symptom seems to be different, I can't tell
[20:22] <xentrac> I don't have JAVA_HOME set, am running Jython2.5.2 on OpenJDK 1.8.0_40-internal
[20:23] <agronholm> a jython that old is unlikely to work on any modern system
[20:28] <IvanPonomarev> Yes, I read what people wrote in bugs 2346 and 2333. But any actions with JAVA_HOME don't help me
[20:28] <IvanPonomarev> File "/opt/jython/jython2.7.0/Lib/pwd.py", line 60, in getpwuid
[20:28] <IvanPonomarev> return struct_passwd(entry)
[20:28] <IvanPonomarev> File "/opt/jython/jython2.7.0/Lib/pwd.py", line 36, in __new__
[20:28] <IvanPonomarev> pwd = (newStringOrUnicode(pwd.loginName), newStringOrUnicode(pwd.password), int(pwd.UID),
[20:28] <IvanPonomarev> NotImplementedError: passwd.pw_passwd unimplemented
[20:29] <IvanPonomarev> I am installing Jython2.7.0 on text-only Ubuntu in DigitalOcean cloud
[20:30] <IvanPonomarev> I am running java -jar jython-installer in text mode and this is what I get in pip installation phase
[20:35] <IvanPonomarev> the same happens when I run jython -m ensurepip aftewards
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[20:49] <agronholm> I think jimbaker mentioned something about pip breakage
[20:49] <agronholm> install an older version (8.1.1) instead?
[20:50] <IvanPonomarev> version 8.1.1 of what?
[20:50] <agronholm> pip
[20:50] <jimbaker> agronholm, i observed the problem with pip on windows
[20:50] <agronholm> oh
[20:50] <agronholm> what's causing this then?
[20:50] <jimbaker> otherwise 2.7.1 trunk seems to work just fine
[20:51] <agronholm> IvanPonomarev: have you tried 2.7.1?
[20:51] <jimbaker> re passwd.pw_passwd, this has come up before. i don't recall specifics, other than i think it's related to some sort of misconfiguration
[20:51] <jimbaker> (i never saw it myself)
[20:55] <IvanPonomarev> no I didn't try 2.7.1 yet where can I find it?
[21:00] <IvanPonomarev> http://search.maven.org/remotecontent?filepath=org/python/jython-installer/2.7.1b3/jython-installer-2.7.1b3.jar, right?
[21:05] <jimbaker> IvanPonomarev, you have to build it for now
[21:06] <jimbaker> i was thinking we were done, then looked at windows again. somehow we broke something in our windows support. frustrating
[21:07] <jimbaker> i don't have enough time unfortunately to juggle all of this - i'm the project tech lead for a project in the openstack space (and hopefully to be in openstack in the future)
[21:07] <jimbaker> so that takes up most of my time
[21:07] <IvanPonomarev> N
[21:08] <IvanPonomarev> Just successfully installed on Ubuntu using 2.7.1b3 installer from Maven central
[21:08] <IvanPonomarev> with no problems
[21:09] <IvanPonomarev> My working machine is Windows, I develop using Jython 2.7.0 and there is no problem with installer and pip on my local machine
[21:11] <jimbaker> IvanPonomarev, yeah, if b3 works for you, it's probably fine
[21:11] <jimbaker> to be honest, we are just too perfectionist on this project
[21:11] <IvanPonomarev> Yes, and it seems that 2.7.0 does not install correctly on Ubuntu 16 in DigitalOcean cloud
[21:11] <jimbaker> ahhh, interesting to know
[21:11] <jimbaker> i wonder how that could be
[21:11] <agronholm> IvanPonomarev: you could try 2.7.1 final too
[21:11] <IvanPonomarev> thank you very much for help
[21:11] <jimbaker> but 2.7.1 has so many awesome fixes
[21:12] <jimbaker> we will get the windows thing fixed. i will have the time, at least by my vacation end of this year. not every day will be good for skiing :) nor every day could i ski anyway
[21:12] <IvanPonomarev> where can I get the latest version? will you please give me a link for sources to build (you are using Ant afaik?)
[21:13] <jimbaker> IvanPonomarev, latest you have to build right now
[21:13] <jimbaker> https://github.com/jythontools/jython/ is my preferred mirror
[21:13] <IvanPonomarev> Oh, thanks a lot
[21:13] <jimbaker> we are going to switch it for 2.7.2, but we will be using git in the future
[21:14] <jimbaker> cannot wait until we get off of hg
[21:14] <agronholm> oh right, we don't have 2.7.1 final yet...I need sleep
[21:14] <jimbaker> the hg branch model is just too awkward
[21:16] <IvanPonomarev> By the way, jimbaker -- if you remember you helped me with dynamic module reloading in Python this spring on this channel
[21:16] <IvanPonomarev> your help was invaluable, everything works fine until today based on the ideas you gave to me ))
[21:33] <jimbaker> IvanPonomarev, yeah, i do remember our conversation. glad it worked out!
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