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[16:29] <xentrac> Hi. I have Jython embedded in my Java application, which is primarily single-threaded (there's a separate thread that receives network messages and enqueues tasks to handle them on the main thread). Is there an embeddable network-connectable Jython REPL I can use in this situation?
[16:30] <xentrac> I want to be able to run some kind of "REPL client", connect to the running process over a socket, and start evaluating expressions and executing statements on the main thread with the queuing thing I hacked together, sending the results back to the client, which could be a simple terminal app or something.
[16:31] <xentrac> Like https://github.com/aolshevskiy/rjyc, but that project seems to be abandoned and I'm not yet sure if I can hack the task-enqueuing thing into it.
[16:39] <xentrac> (and there's <http://www.enigmacurry.com/2009/03/01/jython-shell-server-adding-a-repl-to-any-java-app/>: "JythonShellServer works, but I only just wrote it this morning, so consider it alpha quality at the moment"
[16:39] <xentrac> )
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[18:32] <jimbaker> xentrac, pure python solutions should work. in general, jython supports standard console semantics, as well as standards around each piece of the REPL, such as evaluating some code. but i don't know this space
[18:33] <jimbaker> agronholm has worked with rpyc in the past, and i have tried execnet
[19:16] <xentrac> thanks! I didn't know about those
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