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IRC Log for 2016-11-25

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[16:56] <stewori> Is someone familiar with internals of PyBytecode.java?
[16:56] <stewori> Would be great if someone could review commit 7986c893c14bd4fcc59da5af6e1aaa28204e1188.
[16:57] <stewori> Especially opcode-cases I marked with // Todo: Review this regarding Python 2.7-update
[16:57] <stewori> And other // Todo
[17:01] <stewori> For EXEC_STMT it would be good if we had a Py.exec-version allowing to insert a custom PyFrame object
[17:02] <stewori> Also we should support imp.get_magic() to yield the currently supported bytecode magic-number.
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[17:33] <jimbaker> stewori, i'm the author of PyBytecode, so i should review :)
[17:36] <jimbaker> eyeballing the changes, this looks great
[17:37] <jimbaker> re opcodes - i believe i simply used a script to rewrite .h def of C constants into equiv java - so any correction there is good
[17:40] <jimbaker> more or less the same applies to the general parallel construct i used for translating ceval.c to java equiv, plus supporting code. so it looks like you have followed that as well
[17:48] <jimbaker> stewori, so the next step here in this update is to look at compiling the regrtest with cpython 2.7. iirc i was able to get nearly all of it compiled for 2.5, except for certain scenarios where jython is more permissive than cpython
[17:49] <jimbaker> eg being able to do foo.print iirc
[17:49] <jimbaker> then running the regrtest
[17:49] <jimbaker> it has been something like 7 years since i did that so specific details are now fuzzy :)
[17:50] <jimbaker> but that's how i managed to work out a variety of undocumented corner cases, or at least undocumented as of 2.5
[17:50] <jimbaker> AND run the regrtest on *jython 2.7.1 trunk*
[17:51] <jimbaker> this will help catch stuff around say complex with usage; or how finally interacts
[17:52] <jimbaker> fwiw, i was hoping to finalize 2.7.1 a week ago. but windows and pip. need to get that working before a RC. seems broken even if i revert back to previous pip/setuptools, so don't know what is the deal there
[17:53] <jimbaker> not exactly liking windows these days... ;)
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