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IRC Log for 2016-10-22

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[15:54] <trampi> Hello there! I would like to ask if there is a company or a foundation behind jython? I haven't found who is actually maintaining jython, except very productive individuals.
[16:02] <agronholm> trampi: there isn't any
[16:02] <agronholm> no funding => slow progress
[17:07] <trampi> argonholm: No problem, thanks :-)
[17:26] <pdurbin> agronholm: do you want funding?
[17:45] <agronholm> pdurbin: I'm no longer actively participating in the development
[17:45] <agronholm> but ask jimbaker
[18:19] <pdurbin> ah
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[20:08] <d33tah> hello! is the project still actively maintained?
[20:13] <agronholm> d33tah: crawling forward
[20:14] <agronholm> one blocker bug left for 2.7.1 IIRC
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