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[5:31] <hemi770> hi all
[5:33] <hemi770> i'm on FreeBSD 10.3R. have installed python2 and jython from ports. having a problem running "virtualenv -p jython venv", where i get a warning for SNIMissingWarning and InsecurePlatformWarning, followed by OSError: [Errno 20004] Unknown error: 20004: '/tmp/pip-build-1TcY3E/setuptools'
[6:16] <hemi770> n/m, i created the venv without setuptools, pip and wheel and ran ez_setup.py with the jython in the venv, then easy_install pip and bob's yer aunty
[6:16] <hemi770> thanks anyway
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[13:13] <jimbaker> hemi770, jython 2.7 trunk does not have SNI support yet. i assume that will be in 2.7.2
[13:14] <jimbaker> it's something we could add in 2.7.1 if there's a consensus to wait a bit more for SNI - it doesn't look on the face of it so bad
[13:15] <jimbaker> (and 2.7.1 is delayed enough that we could decide either way...)
[13:15] <jimbaker> re the rest of virtualenv support, we should look at that
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[16:07] <jimbaker> i guess we should support SNI - it's a tiny bit of extra code in cpython (https://bugs.python.org/file30779/python-2.7.5-tlssni.patch) and it should be comparable in jython using java
[16:08] <jimbaker> there's a quick way to do this, and apparently a slightly more involved one that's portable across different JVM implementations
[16:11] <jimbaker> http://stackoverflow.com/a/13060676/423006 and the various underexplained docs around https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/technotes/guides/security/jsse/JSSERefGuide.html#SNIServerName
[16:11] <jimbaker> which may or may not backport to java 7 as is
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