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[14:42] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, i was hoping to look at that bug, but i spent the weekend relaxing instead
[14:43] <jimbaker> (a good choice)
[14:55] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: :) well i did the same in austin
[14:56] <nickmbailey> we're testing the fix mentioned in the ticket to see if it causes any other weirdness
[14:57] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, ok, sounds good. i will chat more after i conduct an irc meeting, and join in another
[14:58] <nickmbailey> heh k
[14:58] <jimbaker> #craton is keeping me busy
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[15:36] <patoff> Hi all, question: I install jython 2.7 (from standalone, installer and compile from source) and in all case sqlite3 module is never there (erroimport). this is on Kali linux. Any idea what could be missing?
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[15:52] <agronholm> patoff: yes, the sqlite implementation from jython
[15:52] <agronholm> (there isn't one)
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[15:55] <patoff> http://www.jython.org/docs/library/cpython_only/sqlite3.html isn't that suppose to work?
[15:55] <patoff> (it does on other pc)
[15:55] <agronholm> are you telling me this works on another pc on jython?
[15:55] <agronholm> this documentation was copied from cpython verbatim
[15:55] <agronholm> you can see the cpython_only part in the url, right?
[15:56] <agronholm> these docs are obsolete anyway (they say 2.5.2)
[15:59] <patoff> well sqlite3 is included: https://github.com/jythontools/jython/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=sqlite3
[15:59] <patoff> but yeah it does work on a different pc, I got a module (nltk) that use sqlite3
[16:00] <patoff> it works on a ubuntu by adding a sys path sys.path.append("/home/USER/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/")
[16:00] <agronholm> the tests (also copied from cpython) cover sqlite3 but there is no such module there
[16:00] <patoff> doing the same on the other pc just doesn't
[16:00] <patoff> kk
[16:00] <agronholm> patoff: are you saying that importing sqlite in jython on the other pc works?
[16:00] <agronholm> (sqlite3)
[16:03] <agronholm> patoff: what is your reason for using jython instead of another python implementation?
[16:05] <patoff> Using python inside burp suite product which use jython
[16:05] <agronholm> I see
[16:05] <patoff> like I said it works, for unknown reason when adding path on one pc and not the other so weird
[16:06] <agronholm> it's not possible for it to work on jython because sqlite3 has not been implemented in its standard library yet
[16:06] <agronholm> what path did you add?
[16:07] <patoff> so maybe I got a package that got update with sqlite3 without me knowing that could be a reason
[16:07] <patoff> path is paste above
[16:08] <agronholm> uh, what paste
[16:08] <patoff> [11:59] <patoff> it works on a ubuntu by adding a sys path sys.path.append("/home/USER/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/")
[16:09] <agronholm> there is an sqlite3 package there?
[16:11] <nickmbailey> we just use a jdbc sqlite lib on jython for sqlite access
[16:11] <nickmbailey> fwiw
[16:11] <jimbaker> yeah, that works quite well
[16:11] <agronholm> yup, until you want to use ORMs :)
[16:11] <jimbaker> the only challenge is the python sqlite module in the stdlib
[16:11] <nickmbailey> this one specifically https://github.com/xerial/sqlite-jdbc
[16:12] <nickmbailey> yeah our usage is pretty simplistic
[16:12] <nickmbailey> no orm needed
[16:12] <jimbaker> which as agronholm points out
[16:12] <patoff> Yeah think it is really a package I' m using which has been upgrade to use sqlite3 :(
[16:12] <jimbaker> is what python code tends to depend on
[16:12] <patoff> was in the wrong direction thinkin gsqlite3 was working because of that page: http://www.jython.org/docs/library/cpython_only/sqlite3.html
[16:13] <patoff> will try to downgrade and see the diff
[16:13] <patoff> Thanks for the help, been trying to make sqlite works for hours... lol
[16:17] <jimbaker> patoff, it will require approx a week of someone's time to implement, just to compare with your hours spent
[16:17] <jimbaker> (hoping someone will do it!)
[16:18] <patoff> Yeah
[16:18] <patoff> thought that because sqlite3 is core of python it will work
[16:18] <jimbaker> patoff, it depends on C code
[16:19] <jimbaker> so it has to be rewritten to at least have those C parts in python, using java apis from something like xerial
[16:19] <jimbaker> http://bugs.jython.org/issue1682864
[16:19] <jimbaker> (one of the oldest bugs in jython, based on that id)
[16:20] <patoff> Hahaha
[16:20] <patoff> Will keep it in reference in my code and when it is resolve other lib could be upgraded
[16:22] <agronholm> patoff: does the lib directly require the sqlite3 module?
[16:22] <agronholm> if not, sqlalchemy with zxjdbc could be used instead
[16:22] <agronholm> oh wait, no
[16:23] <agronholm> doesn't work with sqlite
[16:26] <patoff> yeah even that would be a pain adjusting it
[16:32] <stewori> Maybe you can use JyNI for the C-part, on linux it's at least worth a try.
[16:33] <stewori> And if it fails, share your finding in an issue on https://github.com/Stewori/JyNI
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[16:34] <agronholm> or rpyc or execnet for the sqlite3 requiring parts
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[23:35] <stewori> patoff: I sponataneously tested using sqlite with JyNI and it works out of the box (except some minimal configurational effort)
[23:36] <stewori> I was able to import it and complete this tutorial: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/sqlite/sqlite_python.htm
[23:37] <stewori> Only one glitch: Iterator-support is not yet fully implemented, instead of "for row in cursor:" one must currently use "for row in cursor.fetchall():"
[23:38] <stewori> however I am currently adding this iterator stuff to solve a numpy-issue, should be done in a couple of days. I will ensure that this sqlite-thing will also work then
[23:39] <stewori> For Kalif linux you might need to build JyNI yourself, but that isn't very hard. Get in contact with me if you need support on this front.


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