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[22:14] <stewori> qwebirc48359, agronholm: Regarding the SymPy-thread yesterday. I'd appreciate if your findings could make their way to the issue tracker.
[22:15] <stewori> However the method-length restriction regarding sympy is already mentioned in issue1777
[22:15] <agronholm> stewori: right, the geteuid thing?
[22:15] <stewori> Exactly
[22:15] <agronholm> can't help but to wonder if this was already fixed in pip
[22:15] <agronholm> I recall sending some jython specific PR at some point
[22:17] <stewori> Given that getuid and geteuid are only available on unix systems (or actually posix?), it should not be required on Windows. I suspect sympy might be misguided by looking at os.name to determine platform...?
[22:17] <agronholm> stewori: in case you missed the tracebacks, the error was from pip
[22:18] <agronholm> not sympy
[22:20] <stewori> Did not yet look into the details, but however: Then pip might be fooled by os.name. But right, that's strange since PIP is known to work with Jython, isn't it?
[22:21] <agronholm> yes, and I've specifically contributed code to fix compatibility issues
[22:21] <stewori> Then we probably cannot identify the issue without further information from qwebirc48359.
[22:21] <agronholm> why
[22:21] <agronholm> I can reproduce the issue just fine
[22:22] <agronholm> installing *anything* on jython+windows is broken
[22:22] <stewori> oh, okay. That's nice!
[22:22] <stewori> (That you can reproduce it)
[22:22] <stewori> (not that it's broken)
[22:22] <agronholm> yeah so the only sympy specific issue is the method length limitation
[22:25] <stewori> Than it might actually be an os.name related issue in PIP. I experienced similar stuff with ctypes. Maybe it checks for various special system-names and finally defaults to posix
[22:26] <agronholm> it's probably like this: if os.name != 'win32': <use os.geteuid()>
[22:34] <stewori> In JyNI I solved platform-detection issues of this kind by inserting a "Shadow-String" (https://github.com/Stewori/JyNI/blob/master/JyNI-Java/src/JyNI/PyShadowString.java) into PySystemState.platform
[22:36] <stewori> I didn't want to alter the value 'java' in os.name, because it's actually the correct value. Extensions that don't care for this value are doing something wrong, they should explicitly threat the java-case.
[22:37] <agronholm> well, this is why jython has os._name
[22:37] <agronholm> though I'm not entirely sure why this is so; I've removed it in jython 3
[22:38] <agronholm> in jython 3 os.name is the proper name
[22:38] <stewori> extensions usually don't look at _name
[22:38] <agronholm> not "java" or anything
[22:38] <agronholm> yes, _name is a jython specific thing
[22:38] <agronholm> not sure how ironpython does this
[22:38] <stewori> having the proper name in os.name makes things much easier for sure
[22:39] <agronholm> we can't change things in jython 2 :/
[22:39] <stewori> However the Shadow-string hack allows to keep os.name as 'java', while still guiding extensions to the right platform if they look at it
[22:40] <stewori> maybe I could port it to Jython
[22:40] <agronholm> I'm personally moving away from Jython
[22:41] <agronholm> I'll be doing all my front-end development with Angular2 (on top of either Electron for desktop apps and Cordova for mobile)
[22:41] <agronholm> all my backend stuff will be on top of the Asphalt framework running on python 3.5+
[22:51] <stewori> I'm glad to hear that you found a proper setup for your work. Still the geteuid-issue should be solved or at least tracked.
[22:59] <stewori> Regarding the method-length restriction: I experienced this limitation in PyOpenGL too. Usually these methods of extreme length arose from code-generation and could trivially be split into multiple shorter ones. Maybe it would be worth it to apply this in a Jython-specific sympy-fork.
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