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IRC Log for 2016-06-24

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[0:06] <pdurbin> sort of an odd combination
[0:08] <lopex> bifurcation
[0:26] <pdurbin> sure enough: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/baop77/Script+activity
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[12:23] <manuuu> Hi there.
[12:23] <manuuu> Has anybody tried to compile weboob ( http://weboob.org/ ) using jython?
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[12:40] <stewori> manuuu: I didn't try, but taking a look at its doc it features asection "Run Weboob without installation", which indicates it is probably pure python, so chances are good
[12:46] <manuuu> stewori: Thanks, I hadn't been to that page yet.
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[20:38] <pizzaman> hi, how can one get the signature of a Java method from within jython? e.g., Ljava/lang/String/substring(II)Ljava/lang/String; for String String.substring(int, int)
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