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IRC Log for 2016-05-29

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[17:28] <stewori> If I do e.g.
[17:28] <stewori> import itertools as itr
[17:28] <stewori> print itr
[17:28] <stewori> it is reported as a type rather than a module.
[17:28] <stewori> Jython: <type 'itertools'>
[17:28] <stewori> CPython: <module 'itertools' (built-in)>
[17:28] <stewori> But it is actually a module, isn't it?
[17:30] <stewori> I assume this behavior has technical reasons, but currently wonder about the implications. So far it would probably cause no issues (besides maybe failing doctests)
[17:33] <stewori> from JyNI-perspective this is somehow odd. If native API is used to import modules these are returned as types, leading to calls like PyType_Check(v) behave different from CPython
[17:34] <stewori> And most annoyingly I am not even sure whether to call this a bug or whatever.
[17:42] <stewori> I think it would be good to have some marker for Java-classes that actually resemble original builtin-modules
[17:43] <stewori> They usually implement ClassDictInit, but it lookas like ClassDictInit is not intended to serve as such a marker (although in fact it actually might do)


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