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[20:45] <wtfisamodulebruh> this is such a godless place
[20:45] <wtfisamodulebruh> why would you mix two languages
[20:57] <agronholm> wtfisamodulebruh: trolling much?
[20:57] <agronholm> CPython is a mix of C and Python, do you have a problem with that too?
[20:59] <wtfisamodulebruh> there are more of you?
[21:00] <agronholm> more of who?
[21:00] <wtfisamodulebruh> nah i'm just new and was reading the wiki
[21:00] <wtfisamodulebruh> trying to figure this stuff out
[21:00] <agronholm> what stuff?
[21:00] <wtfisamodulebruh> jython
[21:00] <agronholm> what do you intend to use it for?
[21:01] <wtfisamodulebruh> i might never use it
[21:01] <wtfisamodulebruh> just interested
[21:02] <wtfisamodulebruh> i'm more interested in automating stuff atm
[21:02] <wtfisamodulebruh> nothing with java though
[21:03] <agronholm> you probably don't need jython
[21:03] <agronholm> jython has a few use cases where it's indispensable, but yours doesn't sound one of them
[21:04] <wtfisamodulebruh> so is it mostly used for working with java apps?
[21:05] <agronholm> yes
[21:05] <wtfisamodulebruh> seems like it would usually be easier to just stick with java
[21:05] <agronholm> have you ever coded in java?
[21:05] <wtfisamodulebruh> yes
[21:05] <agronholm> then you know how supremely painful it can be
[21:05] <wtfisamodulebruh> not easier to code
[21:06] <wtfisamodulebruh> but easier to manage
[21:06] <agronholm> I was able to drastically reduce the amount of code in my app by integrating jython
[21:06] <agronholm> it's certainly not faster, but much more maintainable
[21:15] <nickmbailey> i'm personally using jython to migrate to the jvm from cpython
[21:16] <nickmbailey> which is a great use case
[21:26] <wtfisamodulebruh> i don't do anything nearly that important
[21:26] <wtfisamodulebruh> i mostly just screw around
[21:26] <wtfisamodulebruh> i like trying to automate things
[21:26] <wtfisamodulebruh> i was looking at this one really cool tool called swapy
[21:27] <wtfisamodulebruh> doesn't work on a lot of applications
[21:27] <wtfisamodulebruh> but its still pretty nifty
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[21:52] <stewori> wtfisamodulebruh: If you prefer Java over Python ("easier to manage"), you can use Jython to access Python frameworks from your Java stuff. (also a great usecase ;-) )
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