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[14:07] <topi`> I wonder if these Java Security Providers work just as-is in jython? I have a java source line that says:
[14:07] <topi`> Cipher cipher = Cipher.getInstance("AES/CBC/ISO10126Padding", new BouncyCastleProvider());
[14:07] <topi`> so, can I do that from jython as well?
[14:07] <topi`> I have no idea how these SEcurity Providers are supposed to work
[14:11] <topi`> java.lang.NoClassDefError: Could not initialize class javax.crypto.JceSecurity
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[19:27] <jimbaker> topi`, so we use bouncycastle from jython, as part of the new as of 2.7.0 ssl support
[19:27] <jimbaker> it has gotten further refinement in what will be in 2.7.1, so i would check out its usage there from trunk
[19:28] <jimbaker> there is some subtlety, which i have (fortunately) forgotten in terms of doing the actual config
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[20:23] <gsnedders> how is JAVA_STACK meant to work? `JAVA_STACK=16m jython` gives me "Error: Could not find or load main class 16m"
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[21:57] <jimbaker> gsnedders, looks like you found a bug - that env var should work
[21:59] <jimbaker> something like this should work: $ bin/jython -J-Xss16M
[22:00] <gsnedders> (I'm trying to reach some point where html5lib's CI tests are run against Jython so we keep working, BTW)
[22:00] <gsnedders> (turns out running pip with one of the requires files causes a stackoverflow currently???)
[22:09] <jimbaker> gsnedders, got it
[22:13] <gsnedders> jimbaker: do you want me to file a bug for that, BTW?
[22:15] <jimbaker> gsnedders, yes, please do that!
[22:15] <jimbaker> i'm surprised we hadn't seen this before. but probably everyone is just doing the workaround
[22:15] <jimbaker> who found it
[22:16] <gsnedders> I was just asking here making sure I wasn't doing something stupid syntax-wise, given it's pretty undocumented :)
[22:17] <jimbaker> ok, i guess if you call --help undocumented :)
[22:17] <jimbaker> but it should be certainly moved to the actual docs for sure
[22:18] <gsnedders> nah I mean what the syntax of its value is
[22:18] <gsnedders> like to me what's in --help isn't quite clear
[22:18] <gsnedders> I think it was the fact it was failing that I started wondering if it was meant to explicitly include the -Xss tbh
[22:18] <jimbaker> ahh, got it. yeah, that definitely should state it's supposed to be the value that -Xss takes
[22:18] <gsnedders> I mean I started off with "16M" and was wondering if the syntax of that was wrong
[22:19] <jimbaker> we can just use the java docs to precisey characterize
[22:19] <gsnedders> yeah
[22:19] * jimbaker seriously just need to spend a few months of jython time just working on docs
[22:21] * gsnedders mumbles something similar about html5lib :)
[22:32] <gsnedders> jimbaker: http://bugs.jython.org/issue2501 fyi
[22:35] <jimbaker> gsnedders, thanks again
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