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[8:19] <topi`> what's the status of Python3 support in Jython?
[8:19] <topi`> anybody working on it?
[8:20] <topi`> I'd like to see if I can get my codebase working on Jython ;)
[8:22] <teletubbie> that's the one I am possibly interested in as well
[8:22] <teletubbie> :)
[8:22] <teletubbie> quick search (when i did it) didn't return much
[8:23] <topi`> the Jython devs are not very good on updating things on blog posts etc :)
[10:16] <grey__> topi`: Some Pull Requests under review, as I understand. So {"anybody working": True, "Release Date" : None}
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[12:36] <topi`> :)
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[13:51] <MvG> Hi! I'm trying to write regular expressions to match certain unicode categories, in a way not limited to the BMP. I found that this will be tricky on Jython, but I feel I don't understand enough details yet.
[13:52] <MvG> Java is using UTF-16, as are narrow builds of CPython 2.7. So why does Jython try to behave more like a wide build of CPython, but disallow lone surrogates?
[13:53] <MvG> Is there a way to make something like this work: jython -c 'import re; print(re.match(u"\u1234-\U00012345", u"\uceee"))'
[13:54] <MvG> Argl! OK, I just found that I missed the [???]. Perhaps I've been making this more complicated than neccessary. Perhaps Jython is doing a better job of representing a wide build than I thought.
[13:58] <MvG> OK, I think I solved my immediate concern. PEBKAC. Nevertheless, I'd still like to understand this no-isolated-surrogates concern. Why does Jython forbid isolated surrogates when the JVM is perfectly able to represent them? Is it because two isolated surrogates might unexpectedly combine to a complete surrogate pair? Or is there some deeper reason?
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[21:38] <jimbaker> topi`, yeah, blog posts. docs. might be better to do than new code. anyway, our focus is the publication bug
[21:39] <jimbaker> so we can get 2.7.1 finally out
[21:39] <agronholm> what's the issue # for that?
[22:10] <jimbaker> agronholm, http://bugs.jython.org/issue2487
[22:10] <agronholm> thx
[22:11] <jimbaker> i suppose it could have more content in it. mentioned here, and at length privately between darjus and me
[22:11] <agronholm> I won't pretend to understand what this involves
[22:11] <jimbaker> but that is blocking 2.7.1
[22:12] <jimbaker> yeah, it's a subtle bug. otherwise it would have been fixed
[22:13] <jimbaker> so i expect to spend some time on it next week. really want to get 2.7.1 wrapped up by pycon; or at least by the sprints there. (which i will not be attending. but darjus will)


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