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[1:20] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, it was very extended. my colleague took us on a walking tour that ended up at hops & grains as the last brewery visited, before heading back to rainey
[1:21] <jimbaker> so 10-15 minute walks. it was good, other than austin breweries basically have no food :(
[1:21] <jimbaker> i'm thinking lunch this week might work well
[1:21] <jimbaker> anyway, i will try to be on irc. or jim.baker@python.org likely works better to coordinate
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[4:03] <rcfox> Hi, I'm trying to make a class in Jython that inherits from a generic Java class. Is there a special way to do that?
[4:19] <stewori> AFAIK there is no special support for generics in Jython. Simply inherit from the base class. (Generic types are optional in Java anyway). Since there is hardly type-checking in Python you wouldn't benefit from generic types much at all I guess.
[4:22] <rcfox> I think I just figured it out. There was a different error that I assumed was caused by the class.
[4:27] <stewori> An easy-to-get-wrong issue on this front occurs if the class isn't public (e.g. some inner class). Then inherit mechanism can't find it. (Once this took me some hours of smashing head on keybord; already suspected Jython was broken.)
[4:29] <rcfox> I thought the generic bit was important because when I tried to instantiate my base class, I got: No visible constructors for class
[4:29] <rcfox> I didn't notice that it was an abstract class.
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[14:19] <jimbaker> there is an option in jython to respect java accessibility
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