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[14:14] * stewori cannot resist boasting
[14:14] <stewori> I just managed to run the gear-demo from PyOpenGL-Demo package on Jython using JyNI, native ctypes and PyOpenGL :) :) :)
[14:14] <pdurbin> stewori: good job
[14:16] <stewori> pdurbin: thanks!
[14:17] <stewori> minimal changes to PyOpenGL were required though, e.g. some method exceeding maximal length had to be split
[14:18] <stewori> but nothing dramatic, I will try to get these pushed into PyOpenGL
[14:19] <pdurbin> cool
[15:55] * stewori just created JyOpenGL
[15:56] <stewori> I setup this PyOpenGL fork to maintain these changes neccessary to make PyOpenGL Jython-compliant.
[15:56] <stewori> Changes can be viewed in https://github.com/Stewori/JyOpenGL/commit/45c947b61e65ad4e55e1e35171ce10a8951c1de1
[15:58] <stewori> Maybe it's bettwer to maintain a separate Jython-specific version, although the changes don't harm ordinaryCPython cworkability
[15:59] <stewori> However in JyOpenGL I can also provide a prebuilt Jython-compliant .jar file, containing compiled .class files
[15:59] <stewori> and as a long-term goal maybe add an awt rendering frontend
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[20:46] <someone1> hi
[20:46] <someone1> can I somehow activate that debug mode reloads the new jython class files?
[20:48] <someone1> I always need to redeploy :(
[21:14] <agronholm> someone1: code reloading is a horrible idea on python
[21:15] <agronholm> it's extremely difficult to get right on ANY platform
[21:37] <someone1> mh
[21:40] <agronholm> reloading ALL the code is somewhat doable with the right technique but partial code reloading? forget it.
[22:04] <someone1> how to reload ALL the code?
[22:11] <agronholm> someone1: you unload all but one module and have that module reload the code
[22:11] <agronholm> I don't remember the specifics though
[22:12] <someone1> I am wondering why my IDE does not output any .class files
[22:12] <someone1> just .py files
[22:13] <agronholm> why would your Python IDE output .class files?
[22:15] <someone1> I thought when I compile the code, I will get also .class files
[22:15] <agronholm> python IDEs don't compile code
[22:16] <agronholm> jython generates .class files on the fly but those aren't really usable as Java classes
[22:16] <someone1> I am currently using intellij with pyramid on glassfish
[22:16] <someone1> I am trying to reload the py code if changes were made
[22:17] <agronholm> just restart the process automatically then
[22:17] <someone1> the clojure code reloads like expected, just not the jython stuff
[22:18] <agronholm> oh right, glassfish
[22:18] <someone1> so, a redeploy?
[22:18] <agronholm> I take it that restarting the whole thing would take a better part of a minute?
[22:18] <agronholm> *the
[22:18] <someone1> about 8s
[22:18] <agronholm> way too long still
[22:19] <someone1> the clojure stuff reloads on the fly
[22:19] <agronholm> recommend an automatic redeploy
[22:20] <someone1> does jython cache it somehow?
[22:20] <agronholm> cache what
[22:20] <someone1> the jython files in WEB-INF/classes directory are updated after I make changes
[22:21] <someone1> but the changes are only after a redeploy visible
[22:21] <someone1> made*
[22:22] <agronholm> once a module has been imported, jython doesn't even look at the source anymore
[22:23] <someone1> I see
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