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[3:43] <InfinityBear> ayy
[3:43] <InfinityBear> how can I integrate Jython and Eclipse?
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[8:24] <someone1> agronholm: ah ok, I looked at the reddit technology stack
[8:24] <agronholm> well reddit is fairly old...
[8:24] <someone1> is someone here using jython mixed with clojure?
[8:27] <agronholm> do you have a specific goal in mind when using these technologies?
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[8:45] <someone1> I want to use pyramid with datomic
[8:46] <someone1> and clojurescript
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[9:10] <someone1> I read that pyramid is the successor of pylons
[9:50] <someone1> how can I extend the classpath in jython?
[9:51] <someone1> can I do this inside from a .py file?
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[12:25] <someone1> I tried it in JRuby and the same functionality is working there
[12:26] <someone1> with jython, I still get the error from above
[12:51] <agronholm> someone1: you can extend sys.path
[12:52] <someone1> I read there is a problem with the classloader
[12:53] <someone1> but could not figure it out yet
[12:54] <someone1> jython finds the clojure.jar and its class files, but clojure cannot find its own class files
[13:54] <someone1> agronholm: https://nopaste.me/view/c5826bad#mXhyfNTGjnIRRfhTg9W7qUMi4gDzGbHS
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[15:05] <jimbaker> someone1, just looks like a standard classpath issue to me. usually just adding the entry should suffice to CLASSPATH; but jython's support is quite flexible. see for example http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/appendixB.html#working-with-classpath
[15:17] <eregon> jimbaker: Hello, are you available for a chat about Jython's Object Model?
[15:31] <jimbaker> eregon, i'm currently working with a colleague where it's pretty late night for him. right now it's best for me to discuss my early afternoon (i'm in america/denver timezone). what's your timezone?
[15:31] <eregon> jimbaker: CEST
[15:32] <eregon> jimbaker: 1-2pm @ Denver could work for me
[15:32] <jimbaker> eregon, yes, that means it's already late afternoon for you
[15:33] <jimbaker> well if it's good for you, the proposed time you suggested works well for me
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[18:13] <someone1> jimbaker: the clojure jars are already in classpath
[18:14] <nickmbailey> someone1: we are doing a bit of clojure and jython interop
[18:15] <someone1> do you have maybe a working example for me?
[18:15] <nickmbailey> well, a working example of what?
[18:15] <someone1> a small hello world :)
[18:16] <someone1> I read that there is a problem with the clojure classloader
[18:17] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, we published the last lab for my course... seeing light at end of tunnel...
[18:18] <nickmbailey> someone1: are you trying to call clojure from jython or jython from clojure?
[18:18] <someone1> clojure from jython
[18:18] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: sweet!
[18:18] <someone1> See: https://nopaste.me/view/c5826bad#mXhyfNTGjnIRRfhTg9W7qUMi4gDzGbHS
[18:19] <someone1> looks like clojure cannot find its own classfiles
[18:20] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, should have some availability to look at the class/type publishing issue after a presentation this friday. not this prevents anyone else from looking at it. but i suspect i'm the leading candidate to solve the problem
[18:20] <jimbaker> ;)
[18:22] <nickmbailey> someone1: how are you putting clojure on the classpath?
[18:22] <xemdetia> you are also using gen-class https://clojuredocs.org/clojure.core/gen-class: "When compiling, generates compiled bytecode for a class with the
[18:22] <xemdetia> given package-qualified :name (which, as all names in these
[18:22] <xemdetia> parameters, can be a string or symbol), and writes the .class file
[18:22] <xemdetia> to the *compile-path* directory." this is usually separate than what I imagine the jython namespace does
[18:22] <xemdetia> someone1, ^
[18:23] <someone1> with jython -Dpython.path=...
[18:24] <someone1> xemdetia: when I try to use "plus = Clojure.var("clojure.core", "+") print plus.invoke(1, 2)" in jython, I get the same error
[18:24] <someone1> from clojure.java.api import Clojure
[18:25] <someone1> I think I need to do this: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/clojure/Aa04E9aJRog/f0CXZCN1z0AJ
[18:25] <someone1> but at moment I have no clue how to do this in jython
[18:29] <nickmbailey> someone1: works for me
[18:29] <nickmbailey> http://pastebin.com/PS7vNGQj
[18:30] <nickmbailey> you wouldn't want to put the clojure jar as part of -Dpython.path
[18:30] <nickmbailey> you need to set the CLASSPATH env var
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[18:31] <nickmbailey> someone1: hmm did you see those latest messages?
[18:31] <xemdetia> yeah python.path and java classpath are two different animals
[18:32] <someone1_> the logs are to slow :) need to wait
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[18:35] <someone1> can I set the CLASSPATH environment path also in the source code?
[18:46] <someone1> looks like this was the problem:)
[18:46] <someone1> >>> from com.example import Foo0 >>> print Foo0().hello("Jython") Hello Jython from Clojure!
[18:46] <xemdetia> oh neat
[18:46] <xemdetia> yeah I was worried about the temporal gen classes
[18:46] <xemdetia> on top of everything else
[18:47] <pdurbin> heh. clojure from jython. nice
[18:48] <someone1> you can also use: jython -J-cp "your classpaths"
[18:49] <someone1> next, pyramid with datomic :-)
[19:05] <someone1> is it possible to set the classpath in jython itself (in the source code)?
[19:08] <jimbaker> eregon, ready when you are for this discussion
[20:05] <jimbaker> eregon, looks we are going to have to do this discussion some other time. np on my end - irc can mean no time is ever wasted
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