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IRC Log for 2016-03-20

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[11:35] <NeedsHelp> Hey guys, would someone be so kind and help me at some problem I have please :D? I'm using Jython to load python scripts into my Java program and execute them. Both the scripts and the java program are located on a Raspberry Pi 2. One of my python scripts uses the "Adafruit_DHT" library in order to read temperature from a sensor. Unfortunately, that library is some kind of CPython or something, and it doesnt work at all with Jython
[11:35] <NeedsHelp> import problem, but I solved that by adding to path.sys. Now I simply get weird errors located in the python part of the library itself...
[13:15] <NeedsHelp> Anyone here :D?
[13:19] <pdurbin> yes, but you'll need to wait until someone who can help can answer
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