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[0:00] <Cheaterman> Oh noo
[0:00] <Cheaterman> I think I repaired it all
[0:00] <Cheaterman> thanks agronholm
[0:00] <Cheaterman> just minor breakage in my side of things now
[0:01] <agronholm> sounds like I'm a competent rubber duck then :)
[0:01] <Cheaterman> Well, you get the work done, when you're around stuff works
[0:02] <Cheaterman> That's what matters :D
[0:02] <agronholm> others often have very similar experiences
[0:02] <Cheaterman> I merely repackaged the whole sqla+pymysql bundle after editing relevant files, seems to be enough
[0:02] <Cheaterman> Hahaha, so you see, it's not just an impression
[0:02] <Cheaterman> you DO improve the odds of solving the issue :D even when not actively spending time on it
[0:02] <Cheaterman> pretty neat!
[0:02] <agronholm> just last week my friend told his SO "this new machine can't possibly work when Alex is not around...and it didn't"
[0:03] <Cheaterman> Hahhahaahahha
[0:03] <Cheaterman> agronholm: sweet, seems like my plugin loaded successfully
[0:03] <Cheaterman> pretty awesome
[0:03] <agronholm> great!
[0:04] <agronholm> my dad had problems getting his printer networked -- I show up and dad tries the same thing and it works -- without me having lifted a finger
[0:04] <Cheaterman> now I'll have to test my commands to see if I failed programming, but it should have been pretty straightforward :)
[0:04] <Cheaterman> Hahahahhaha
[0:04] <Cheaterman> This happened to me a few times too
[0:04] <agronholm> I could go on and on
[0:04] <Cheaterman> At work recently, "cant access network share"
[0:04] <Cheaterman> I come, press F5, it works
[0:04] <Cheaterman> "but I did that like 10 times"
[0:04] <Cheaterman> :D
[0:13] <Cheaterman> welll you know what
[0:13] <Cheaterman> i made sure my code runs
[0:13] <Cheaterman> the admin will take care of testing weither it does what I want
[0:14] <Cheaterman> i know my sqla model works, and the rest of the code is trivial
[0:14] <Cheaterman> (or should be - as usual haha)
[0:14] <Cheaterman> plenty of room for errors still :-) typos etc
[0:15] <Cheaterman> Thanks again for everything buddi, me will go sleepisleepi now
[0:15] <Cheaterman> babai o/
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[9:08] <wanderer_> hi all
[9:08] <wanderer_> can I ask a question regarding jython?
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[14:56] <msdemlei> Hi -- I'm porting a text-mode interactive program from jython 2.5 (I guess) to jython 2.7.
[14:57] <msdemlei> I used to use JLineConsole() in 2.5, I *think* in order to have readline-like functionality.
[14:58] <msdemlei> That doesn't work any more in 2.7, since: Type 'org/python/util/JLineConsole' is not assignable to 'org/python/util/InteractiveConsole' (from method signature)
[14:58] <msdemlei> Is this expected?
[14:59] <msdemlei> [Also, is there a current API doc for jython online somewhere? jython.org has 2.5...]
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[19:57] <jimbaker> fwiw, i plan to work on docs once 2.7.1 is out, including use github.io to serve pages - should make things easier for us
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