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[11:17] <VikeStep> hey there, I was having an issue setting up clamped on Windows
[11:17] <VikeStep> I get this: ImportError: No module named clamped
[11:18] <VikeStep> this is after running the singlejar install, it generated the jar. This only happens when calling java -jar clamped-0.1-single.jar
[11:26] <VikeStep> topi`, sorry to bother you, but I was looking through the logs of this channel from a couple years back and noticed that you had the same issue. Here is the log of that moment http://www.extreme.st/jython.extreme.st/irclogs/index.php/?date=2013-10-02, you s
[11:26] <VikeStep> what did you end up doing to resolve it?
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[16:01] <topi`> VikeStep: I did not rely on a virtualenv to set up the sys.path correctly
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