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[1:23] <jimbaker> stevelewis, if you read the log - talk with me, since i'm the author of fireside
[1:25] <jimbaker> i really need to finish up that work on fireside and clamp. but i keep getting distracted by work on jython itself ;)
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[13:55] <stevelewis> so for some reason, Jython only seems to be picking up my python modules if they're included in my fireside singlejar. Is that correct?
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[16:59] <jimbaker> stevelewis - the point of the singlejar scheme was to ensure that all files are packaged into that singlejar. i was thinking it would be nice if site-packages could be divided up into multiple jars, since that's a workable idea in its architecture
[16:59] <jimbaker> i think we need to figure out alignment on timezones so we can discuss further :)
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[20:14] <ingsoc> what is the performance of jython v cpython
[20:14] <ingsoc> for sequential code (single thread)
[20:15] <agronholm> cpython is faster
[20:15] <agronholm> noticeably
[20:16] <agronholm> jython could be a lot faster but it requires time which none of us have
[20:25] <ingsoc> agronholm: but without the GIL jython would make it easier to utilise modern HW. I was just curious how much slower pure python code running in cpython vm is compare to on the jvm, if it is 10% or whatever then jython still has a big win for me
[20:25] <agronholm> in my experience jython is a lot slower
[20:25] <ingsoc> i mean, how much slower python code on the jvm is compared to cpython vm
[20:25] <ingsoc> ok
[20:25] <agronholm> it's not entirely the jvm's fault
[20:25] <agronholm> jython just hasn't been optimized the way jruby has
[20:26] <ingsoc> the other good thing is it is easier to write core routines in java/clojure than it is in c
[20:26] <ingsoc> and so speed up the performance critical parts of an app
[20:26] <ingsoc> ok
[20:28] <ingsoc> agronholm: what are you using jython for ?
[20:29] <agronholm> ingsoc: I have a desktop client for my ERP software that I deploy with Java Web Start
[20:29] <agronholm> it was originally written in pure java
[20:29] <ingsoc> agronholm: a win over pure java ?
[20:30] <agronholm> it is in maintainability, though not speed
[20:30] <agronholm> speed is a major issue there
[20:30] <agronholm> I'm seriously considering switching to Electron or Kivy, but both of them lack the kind of printing support Java has
[20:31] <ingsoc> Never heard of Electron
[20:31] <ingsoc> heard of Kivy though.
[20:31] <agronholm> http://electron.atom.io/
[20:32] <ingsoc> I guess kivy is good in the sense that it can run on most platforms like jvm and utilises video card features for the gui
[20:32] <ingsoc> not done much with it though
[20:33] <ingsoc> my work is server side with a web frontend if required
[20:33] <agronholm> I'm currently leaning towards electron because kivy does not support drag&drop from desktop or any sort of printing
[20:33] <agronholm> and because I can utilize my existing HTML/CSS skills with Electron
[20:33] <agronholm> with kivy I'd have to relearn most everything from scratch
[20:34] <ingsoc> is electron relatively new ?
[20:35] <agronholm> I'd say so
[20:37] <agronholm> of course with electron the language you use is ECMAScript, not python :/
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