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[19:06] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, sounds good. we are looking at 2.7.1 beta 3 as early as tomorrow. i will look at upgrading netty as well as part of that, but i suspect it might wait until 2.7.2 (when this becomes much less manual because of gradle)
[19:07] <jimbaker> basically we have all these bugs fixed, bit.ly/jython-triage-2_7_1, plus a certain security vulnerability bug, whatever that might be
[19:07] * jimbaker tries to whistle ;)
[19:08] <jimbaker> all bugs fixed = urgent/high
[19:08] <jimbaker> once i push commits later this evening, in between lecture note prep
[19:09] <nickmbailey> yeah i don't think upgrading netty is super high priority for 2.7.1 beta3
[19:12] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, exactly. let's get 2.7.1 wrapped up. it's all been good - lots of great bugs fixed. but time to move on
[19:13] <nickmbailey> +1
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[20:39] <nickmbailey> anybody have any insight into why PySystemStateCloser synchronizes on it's class object rather than just the instance? https://github.com/jythontools/jython/blob/master/src/org/python/core/PySystemState.java#L1531
[20:40] <nickmbailey> somehow it's causing a deadlock in our application between java's finalizer thread and the ungegisterCloser method
[20:41] <nickmbailey> locking on 'this' seems to resolve the issue at least
[20:41] <nickmbailey> i'd have to read up on my java gc a bit to understand why
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[21:47] <nickmbailey> Also, is PySystemState meant to be a singleton?
[21:51] <nickmbailey> hmm looks like no
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[22:41] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: right after i agree 2.7.1 should go out i find a deadlock issue doh!
[22:41] <nickmbailey> http://bugs.jython.org/issue2457
[23:26] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, you know, you only get only so many of stop the betas, right? ;)
[23:26] <jimbaker> anyway taking a look!
[23:29] <nickmbailey> haha doesn't have to stop the beta :)
[23:29] <nickmbailey> we're already hosting our own patched jython jar
[23:29] <nickmbailey> it can go in the rc :)
[23:29] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, your patch looks reasonable to me. and yeah, i think that's a sound policy. we can be a bit too slow at time
[23:30] <jimbaker> although maybe the preferred term is *deliberative*. but hey, it's slow
[23:30] <nickmbailey> phrasing is key
[23:30] * jimbaker has been burned at times
[23:31] <jimbaker> but then again, sometimes we have to just put it out. so yes, i would prefer if it were in the beta so get the possibility of feedback, in case we get it wrong
[23:32] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, but did you notice something new on your PRs. like we have decent CI going? i'm really happy about that. all darjus' good work!
[23:32] <jimbaker> so that's going to speed up things. a lot.
[23:32] <nickmbailey> yeah thats awesome
[23:33] <nickmbailey> especially since i haven't run the tests myself haha
[23:33] <jimbaker> ;) yeah, don't worry. i usually have to break a few things before i understand what's going on, if it's complicated
[23:34] <jimbaker> btw - in my principles of programming languages course i teach at cu boulder (http://csci3155.cs.colorado.edu/), i like to emphasize fluency between specification, test, and code; and especially understanding how to test
[23:35] <jimbaker> since it's not a skill undergrads seem to pick up
[23:37] <nickmbailey> keep up the good work :)
[23:37] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, i should send some grads your way :)
[23:39] <nickmbailey> there's usually something listed on the careers page :) we even have undergrad intern spots
[23:39] <nickmbailey> although i think those would require spending the summer in california
[23:43] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, never a problem i think for the motivated student :)
[23:46] <jimbaker> besides. austin in summer? not even a cold beer will help, at least for this coloradoan. oh btw, i probably will be in austin end of this month (feb 25-26)
[23:46] <jimbaker> we can figure out more privately
[23:57] <nickmbailey> oh awesome. sounds good
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