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[0:02] <aw> still no luck. java.class.path, java.library.path, and java.ext.dirs are all the same. I'm going to try and load python library, maybe that will be easier?
[0:20] <aw> python probably won't work, it is most likely linking to C functions.
[2:42] <aw> i've also tried copying the libraries to the current directory and that doesn't work either.
[5:23] <aw> Can I launch a python process that works with the library from jython and have the python process return the result back into jython?
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[8:30] <GitGud> is it possible to get youtube-dl to work with jython?
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[13:35] <gcfhvjbkn> whatever happened to jython?
[13:36] <gcfhvjbkn> the jython book hasnt been updated since 2010 or so it would seem
[13:36] <gcfhvjbkn> is it still a good idea to use it?
[13:57] <agronholm> gcfhvjbkn: most things still apply
[13:58] <gcfhvjbkn> the book seems like an alternative python guide for java programmers for the most part, so why wouldn't they
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[14:00] <gcfhvjbkn> and yet it may be a sign that the project is abandoned
[14:00] <gcfhvjbkn> if that matters at all
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[20:59] <jimbaker> well, there is always https://github.com/jythontools/jython/commits/master
[20:59] <jimbaker> seems pretty active to me ;)
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[21:04] <jimbaker> i especially like the recent work that darjus has done to stabilize tests. almost there, beta 3!
[21:05] <jimbaker> re jython book: https://github.com/jython/book just needs PRs against it (including mine). we will get there. let's get beta 3 out first however
[21:06] <jimbaker> aw - not enough details to answer your question
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[21:16] <jimbaker> GitGud, youtube-dl does not yet work on jython, due to a lack of fcntl, which this package uses for file locking
[21:18] <jimbaker> easy enough to support for this particular usage, i think it's likely we have been looking at other more challenging aspects of fcntl
[21:18] <jimbaker> http://bugs.jython.org/issue1943
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[21:24] <jimbaker> topi`, i'm pretty sure JRuby level performance is very doable, just a question of when and whom. i would be interested, but i got a lot on my plate. however, i did sketch out a design to work around supporting sys._frame, based on a conversation with john rose
[21:25] <jimbaker> imho, compatibility is more important however
[21:25] <jimbaker> it
[21:26] <jimbaker> is easy enough to access java from jython, and then performance tuning is easy
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