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[12:34] <ztane> the thing is, hg.python.org really sucks for the casual contributor
[13:06] <pdurbin> ztane: how so?
[13:44] <agronholm> pdurbin: no pull request system
[14:08] <pdurbin> sure, pull requests are nice
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[19:51] <ztane> pdurbin: participated on 1 cpython sprint organized by ezio in helsinki :d
[19:52] <ztane> basically it took the whole sprint to explain to how to get stuff and submit patches
[20:02] <pdurbin> yikes
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[21:51] <nickmbailey> haven't seen jim in here for awhile, but anyone else have an inkling of when the next 2.7.1 rc will be out?
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