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[21:38] <Misdicorl> I'm having difficulty getting a Jython REST server working. I'm following the steps @ https://github.com/jimbaker/hellowsgi
[21:39] <Misdicorl> after executing the "jython setup.py install singlejar" step, I try sanity checking by doing
[21:39] <Misdicorl> java -jar resulting-single.jar
[21:39] <Misdicorl> import fireside
[21:39] <Misdicorl> which gives an import error for no javax
[22:50] <Misdicorl> I cannot get jython to expose the javax.servlet functionality from servlet-api-2.5.jar. I have added it to the jython javalib direcory, I have explicitly called java -cp servlet-api-2.5.jar -jar jython.jar, and I have done EXPORT CLASSPATH=/dir/to/servlet. Every time I run jython and import javax, there is no servlet module
[22:51] <Misdicorl> help?
[22:51] <agronholm> Misdicorl: classpath doesn't scan directories that way
[22:51] <agronholm> "/dir/to/servlet/*" will include all jars in a directory
[22:51] <Misdicorl> its the only file in the direcotry
[22:52] <agronholm> so?
[22:52] <agronholm> if you point it to a directory it will not touch that jar file
[22:52] <agronholm> unless you end it with /*
[22:53] <Misdicorl> ok
[23:05] <Misdicorl> alright, I
[23:05] <Misdicorl> feel like an idiot here
[23:05] <Misdicorl> how do I do a pip install clamp/fireside with the servlet-api available in the classpath?
[23:06] <agronholm> do you have an actual install of jython somewhere, or are you just using the standalone jar?
[23:06] <Misdicorl> yes, I have an install
[23:06] <Misdicorl> and also the full checkout
[23:06] <Misdicorl> which I've taken servlet-api-2.5.jar from
[23:06] <Misdicorl> and added to the jython/javalib directory
[23:07] <agronholm> if you have an install, you could just do the pip install you mentioned?
[23:07] <agronholm> or is there a problem with that?
[23:07] <Misdicorl> javax.servlet is not in the default install
[23:07] <Misdicorl> so I have to add it manually
[23:07] <agronholm> ok, and?
[23:08] <Misdicorl> I can't seem to do that
[23:08] <agronholm> I'm confused
[23:08] <agronholm> the CLASSPATH trick did nothing...?
[23:08] <Misdicorl> can't get it to launch
[23:09] <Misdicorl> java -cp ./* javalib/* extlibs/* grammar/* org.python.util.jython
[23:09] <agronholm> what happens
[23:09] <Misdicorl> File "../CoreExposed.includes", line 17
[23:09] <Misdicorl> org/python/core/PyDictionary$PyDictionaryViewValues.class
[23:09] <agronholm> that is an odd way to launch jython
[23:09] <Misdicorl> shitty paste: bin wdowd$ ./jython -J-cp ~/jython2.7.0/*
[23:09] <Misdicorl> File "/Users/wdowd/jython2.7.0/CoreExposed.includes", line 17
[23:09] <Misdicorl> org/python/core/PyDictionary$PyDictionaryViewValues.class
[23:09] <Misdicorl> ^
[23:09] <Misdicorl> SyntaxError: no viable alternative at character '$'
[23:09] <Misdicorl> ok, how would you do it?
[23:09] <agronholm> there is bin/jython
[23:09] <Misdicorl> yes, but I can't seem to alter the classpath doing that
[23:11] <agronholm> CLASSPATH=serverlet-api-2.5.jar does nothing?
[23:12] <agronholm> Misdicorl: regarding your previous attempt, I think the glob resolved to more than one file
[23:13] <Misdicorl> java -cp "./*" -jar jython.jar
[23:13] <Misdicorl> with servlet in the same directory as jython.jar
[23:13] <Misdicorl> import javax
[23:13] <Misdicorl> dir(javax) -> no servlet
[23:17] <agronholm> hm, I also have trouble making that work
[23:19] <agronholm> unless I use java -jar
[23:20] <Misdicorl> Well, I've got it working by just unjarring jython.jar and adding the servlet class files and re-jarring
[23:20] <agronholm> no, even then I can only import as far as "javax"
[23:20] <agronholm> ah, okay
[23:20] <Misdicorl> yeah, javax.servlet is a real bitch apparently
[23:21] <Misdicorl> I wonder if its a shadowing issue
[23:21] <agronholm> I don't recall having had such issues with other packages
[23:22] <Misdicorl> me either
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[23:27] <Misdicorl> Well, that finally got it working
[23:27] <Misdicorl> Thanks for helping out


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