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IRC Log for 2015-12-11

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[0:21] <pdurbin> jimbaker: I'm sort of wondering what recent updates to the java native runtime you're talking about.
[0:36] <jimbaker> pdurbin, i haven't investigated details, but jruby 9000 is using it to get much tighter control of process mgmt. almost certainly this is going through JNR...
[0:37] <pdurbin> hmm. ok
[0:38] <jimbaker> https://github.com/jnr/jnr-process
[0:40] <jimbaker> this is probably a simple upgrade for us from standard java.lang.ProcessBuilder, but TBD
[0:41] <pdurbin> ok. hadn't heard of jnr. checking out https://archive.fosdem.org/2014/schedule/event/java_native_runtime/
[0:45] <jimbaker> so charlie nutter (headius) is the jruby project lead and jnr creator. we use jnr today, but only a subset of functionality compared to jruby
[0:45] <jimbaker> in fact we dialed it back in 2.7.0 because of windows issues - sometimes regular java does a better job ;)
[0:46] <jimbaker> at least as of java 7
[0:46] <jimbaker> not really a fault of jnr, more of a fault of how windows is exposes a posix api through the c runtime DLL
[1:38] <pdurbin> right. well, I went to a talk by mr. nutter at javaone about jruby. seems neat
[1:41] <pdurbin> can be more performant than regular ruby, I've been lead to believe
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