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[22:39] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: hope you had a good vacation last week :) still shooting for another 2.7.1 release before the end of the year?
[22:39] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, yes we will get a beta 3 out, i'm sure of that
[22:40] <jimbaker> and it was a very nice vacation. only got a little banged up - a winch handle into my shin - on my sailing trip in the gulf of california. almost healed!
[22:42] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, so what do you say we next look at a high performance twisted reactor for jython?
[22:46] <pdurbin> jimbaker: wow. that sounds amazing. I love sailing.
[22:47] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: a twisted specific reactor would be nice for sure :)
[22:48] <nickmbailey> another issue we've hit is that subprocess stuff doesn't work in jython
[22:48] <nickmbailey> not sure if its twisted specific or generally
[22:48] <nickmbailey> but we're working around that i think
[22:49] <nickmbailey> i know tom a has opened a few tickets/prs recently so let us know what we can do to help get those into beta3
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[22:49] <nickmbailey> I've been pushing custom built jars to our internal maven repo heh
[23:06] <Cheaterman> nickmbailey: owiiiiiii ^__^
[23:07] <Cheaterman> jimbaker: sailing awesome! injuries part of fun i suppose :)
[23:14] <jimbaker> Cheaterman, well i hope to not repeat that injury. it was a dumb, dumb mistake because i didn't check the handle was securely in before applying torque. but all things considered, into the shin was about one of the best places to get hit
[23:15] <jimbaker> pdurbin, it's a fantastic place to sail, that's for sure. also called the sea of cortez. loved the sight of manta rays flying over the waves - unreal
[23:16] <pdurbin> jimbaker: fun to see wildlife. the handle for a winch?
[23:17] <jimbaker> pdurbin, yeah, the handles lock on the winch for a reason, as i found...
[23:17] <pdurbin> :)
[23:18] <jimbaker> anyway, i got my bareboat cruising license (ASA 104). equal to the international proficiency certificate for sailing. so that's pretty cool
[23:18] <pdurbin> a buddy of mine rented a sailbot in Turkey and sailed all around. jealous
[23:19] <jimbaker> pdurbin, yep, that's certainly on the list of places to sail for me
[23:19] <pdurbin> wow 45 feet: http://asa.com/certifications/asa-104-bareboat-cruising/
[23:20] <jimbaker> right, i was skippering a catalina 42 (= 12.8 meters)
[23:21] <jimbaker> by far the biggest boat i had ever handled. i had sailed 24' dinghies in the past, and they don't compare in terms of how big they feel
[23:21] <pdurbin> I've spent the most time in a Cape Cod Mercury, only 15 feet? not sure
[23:22] <jimbaker> in general, i find i like sailing, small or big boat. good stuff!
[23:23] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, so i saw TomA's bug re os.fork. it's not going to happen, because of JVM limitations
[23:23] <pdurbin> oh sure. sailed a tiny catamaran in Jamaica but so much fun. had to look out for the reef though
[23:25] <jimbaker> pdurbin, you should take a look at these cat kayaks - http://www.hobiecat.com/mirage/mirage-adventure-island/ - i think i might try this in the bahamas
[23:27] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, as i multithread... i do wonder what we could do on the subprocess front to make things even more compatible. that's certainly somewhat doable
[23:27] <jimbaker> also i believe there have been some recent updates in java native runtime we could potentially use to get better control
[23:28] <pdurbin> jimbaker: huh. I wonder how much time people spend paddling vs. sailing. Looks fun.
[23:32] <Cheaterman> jimbaker: sounds like awesome memories, and as i said, sometimes getting hurt is just part of the job :)
[23:33] <jimbaker> Cheaterman, part of the instruction for sure! :)
[23:33] <Cheaterman> true :)
[23:33] <pdurbin> jimbaker: how many people on board?
[23:34] <jimbaker> 4 + instructor
[23:36] <pdurbin> ok. in Turkey they pretty much just gave my buddy the boat. I think he brought 2 or 3 friends. he was like, "um, do you want to show me around the boat at all?" :)
[23:37] <jimbaker> we had everything from high winds and heavy chop to light winds and swell. at this point, i think could figure it out on a new boat, just due to the variety of conditions we had. (thanks to remants of huricane sandra...)
[23:38] <pdurbin> cool


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