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[17:49] <qwebirc17042> Hello - I'm attempting to write my first Jython script and I'm having a little trouble and was hoping someone could help
[17:50] <agronholm> qwebirc17042: you need to ask a question :)
[17:50] <qwebirc17042> I'm getting an ImportError: no module named subprocess
[17:50] <qwebirc17042> subprocess should be installed in Python 2.7 as a default, so I'm not sure why it would be missing
[17:51] <qwebirc17042> I've done a ton of Googling, but can't find how to determine which Python version Jython is using on my Mac
[17:51] <qwebirc17042> or how to point it at the right one
[17:51] <agronholm> qwebirc17042: you may be confused
[17:51] <qwebirc17042> yes, I am
[17:51] <agronholm> jython is an implementation of the python language
[17:51] <agronholm> it does not use or need CPython (the mainstream implementation)
[17:52] <qwebirc17042> It's using 2.7 though, right? I'm not sure how subprocess could be missing
[17:52] <agronholm> the only reason for that would be that you downloaded the jython.jar without the standard library
[17:52] <agronholm> how did you install and launch it?
[17:53] <qwebirc17042> http://www.jython.org/archive/22/download.html
[17:53] <agronholm> um, you installed jython 2.2, release 2007?
[17:53] <agronholm> *released in
[17:54] <agronholm> why not just download the latest one, available right from the front page? http://www.jython.org/
[17:56] <qwebirc17042> dumb mistake, will give that a go
[18:05] <qwebirc17042> that worked, thanks!
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[21:30] <Cheaterman> agronholm: the whole standard/implementation thing is hard to understand for most
[21:31] <Cheaterman> I remember I was very confused when learning about Xorg and X11R6
[21:31] <Cheaterman> Before I realized one was an implementation of the other, and both term are interchangeable because language abuse
[21:32] <Cheaterman> Much like we call the CPython interpreter 'python interpreter' while it's not the only python implementation
[21:32] <Cheaterman> Python makes it harder, because the spec is versioned like a software
[21:37] <jimbaker> Cheaterman, right, but we also get unit tests with the reference implementation. it mostly seems to work out. although we have a few areas we need to polish as a consequence for jython 2.7.1 that came about because of cpython 2.7.9/10 around ssl/ensurepip...
[21:56] <Cheaterman> jimbaker: well, getting superclass inheritance to work properly was already a huge challenge, we faced an issue with agronholm but it turned out it was fixed in master
[21:56] <Cheaterman> And it does work, and that's quite impressive
[21:56] <Cheaterman> The only thing that I really wish would be better now is startup time
[21:57] <Cheaterman> Nonetheless, it's one of these very difficult things that Jython got right
[21:57] <Cheaterman> Also, it doesn't have a GIL, so threading can work better? I believe it says so on Jython's website
[21:58] <agronholm> well, yes
[22:18] <jimbaker> threading certainly works much better
[22:19] <Cheaterman> ^__^
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