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IRC Log for 2015-11-26

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[0:16] <Cheaterman> agronholm: File "/home/minecraft/lib/sqlalchemy.jar/sqlalchemy/util/_collections.py", line 458, in difference_update
[0:17] <agronholm> Cheaterman: can you make a standalone script that reproduces the problem on its own?
[0:19] <Cheaterman> http://paste.pound-python.org/show/76MbLrqr7MEBkl3FtYg8/
[0:20] <Cheaterman> dunno if anything wrong with my model first?
[0:20] <Cheaterman> because really all my test does is spawning this baby: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/D4llJUE61yKkN23hTMpE/
[0:21] <Cheaterman> creating a new User with a set name= and password=
[0:21] <agronholm> why unique=True on line 14?
[0:21] <agronholm> it's a primary key, it has to be unique anyway
[0:21] <Cheaterman> dunno, is it a problem? just, the dbms has both
[0:21] <agronholm> btw you don't need to instantiate column types if you don't need arguments
[0:21] <agronholm> not really
[0:22] <Cheaterman> this was made to reflect an already existing table
[0:22] <Cheaterman> and i wanted it to work so i made it as close as possible
[0:22] <Cheaterman> and i didn't get about column types instanciation?
[0:23] <agronholm> level = Column(Integer())
[0:23] <agronholm> can be written like level = Column(Integer)
[0:23] <Cheaterman> Oh nice
[0:23] <agronholm> the unique=True only has meaning when creating the table or when generating migration scripts
[0:24] <Cheaterman> yeah doesn't apply here
[0:24] <Cheaterman> but as i said, i just wanted the model to match the existing table as closely as possible
[0:24] <agronholm> other than the probably weak hashing I don't see any problems here
[0:24] <Cheaterman> more than weak
[0:25] <Cheaterman> but legacy
[0:25] <Cheaterman> okay so no particular reason it should explode
[0:25] <agronholm> not here at least
[0:25] <Cheaterman> well I gave you all the relevant code
[0:25] <agronholm> can you make that script then?
[0:26] <agronholm> so I can just run it an witness the problem?
[0:26] <Cheaterman> then inside the intepreter, db=DB(credentials), then with db: db.add(User(name='blibli', password='owiii')); db.commit()
[0:26] <Cheaterman> and kaboomey
[0:26] <agronholm> I can't do that
[0:26] <agronholm> I don't have your current code for "DB"
[0:26] <Cheaterman> you can't just run the script, you need a working model
[0:26] <Cheaterman> yes you have it :)
[0:26] <Cheaterman> 01:20 < Cheaterman> because really all my test does is spawning this baby: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/D4llJUE61yKkN23hTMpE/
[0:26] <agronholm> oh
[0:26] <Cheaterman> which you help me write BTW
[0:27] <agronholm> missed that one
[0:27] <agronholm> Cheaterman: did you try it with an sqlite db?
[0:27] <Cheaterman> no
[0:27] <agronholm> oh right
[0:27] <agronholm> jython, no sqlite there :)
[0:27] <Cheaterman> ^^"
[0:28] <agronholm> so I'd need to set up a mysql database
[0:29] <Cheaterman> and if you wanna match my setup as closely as possible, you might wanna use pymysql, altho the error happens in alchemy itself
[0:30] <agronholm> Cheaterman: before I do that, would you mind pastebining the beginning of the traceback, before the inifinite recursion part?
[0:30] <Cheaterman> of course
[0:30] <Cheaterman> i was about to suggest :)
[0:31] <Cheaterman> http://paste.pound-python.org/show/tDem2tLdHeaUFeoYC5DQ/
[0:31] <Cheaterman> whole traceback
[0:31] <Cheaterman> minus some repetition
[0:32] <agronholm> I see, so it's having difficulties sorting the tables
[0:32] <Cheaterman> it's really worth noting i never tried inserting with this model in cpython
[0:32] <agronholm> I shouldn't even have to connect to mysql for this
[0:32] <Cheaterman> which is why i wanted you to look at the model in the first place
[0:32] <agronholm> well as I said there's nothing really wrong with the model here
[0:32] <Cheaterman> okay
[0:32] <Cheaterman> good to know :)
[0:32] <agronholm> assuming this is your only table
[0:33] <Cheaterman> the only relevant one for now yes
[0:33] <agronholm> I'm gonna smack you if it fails because of another table you didn't show me
[0:33] <Cheaterman> the other ones are for banlist, AKAs, and something else I don't remember
[0:33] <Cheaterman> oh no
[0:33] <Cheaterman> i don't use anything else with alchemy
[0:33] <Cheaterman> and this test does only what i said
[0:34] <Cheaterman> but 'm gonna paste it anyways
[0:35] <Cheaterman> http://paste.pound-python.org/show/5dgiDxizuwnDldZzOPqF/
[0:36] <Cheaterman> that triggers the StackOverflow here
[0:36] <agronholm> Cheaterman: can you trigger this with just accessing User.metadata.sorted_tables?
[0:36] <Cheaterman> when/how
[0:37] <agronholm> at any time
[0:37] <Cheaterman> okay just import it and try
[0:37] <Cheaterman> let's print
[0:37] <Cheaterman> yes
[0:37] <Cheaterman> triggers it
[0:37] <agronholm> well, that's a problem
[0:37] <Cheaterman> l-(
[0:37] <Cheaterman> :-(*
[0:37] <agronholm> but much easier for me to test
[0:37] <agronholm> no need to set up mysql
[0:37] <Cheaterman> owiii ^__^
[0:37] <Cheaterman> good point
[0:37] <agronholm> I wasn't honestly looking forward to that :)
[0:38] <Cheaterman> i can imagine
[0:38] <Cheaterman> although i switched my whole server to mariadb, and the I/O is much lower
[0:38] <Cheaterman> i'd love if i could just switch to pg, but as i said, legacy
[0:39] <Cheaterman> alchemy will make that easy once i can drop the legacy stuff though, i've had the good idea to try and use it on all new projects
[0:39] <agronholm> ok I can reproduce it here
[0:39] <Cheaterman> ie being crazy enough to try and use it with minecraft
[0:39] <Cheaterman> awesome agronholm
[0:39] <Cheaterman> that's good news
[0:39] <Cheaterman> is that a jython issue?
[0:40] <agronholm> looks like
[0:40] <Cheaterman> Yayyy, fixing bugs
[0:40] <Cheaterman> ^__^ nobody else will ever have them!
[0:40] <agronholm> I'd say sqlalchemy failing is a blocker for 2.7.1
[0:41] <Cheaterman> I'm suddenly very happy to use important libs :)
[0:41] <Cheaterman> and again a happi coincidence that I know you
[0:41] <agronholm> oh dear...another one of these superclass invocation bugs
[0:41] <agronholm> I've reported my fair share of these
[0:41] <Cheaterman> oh, that's stuff you're familiar with
[0:41] <Cheaterman> okay
[0:42] <Cheaterman> super seems to be a very complex mechanism
[0:43] <Cheaterman> I'm sorry though but I'll have to go sleep :s almost 2am here and working very long days
[0:43] <Cheaterman> I'm very happy you took the time to find my issue though! Thanks a lot
[0:43] <agronholm> sweet dreams :)
[0:43] <Cheaterman> Thanks :-) you too in, well, half a day I suppose hehe
[0:44] <agronholm> nah, I just woke up :)
[0:45] <Cheaterman> when I said half a day, I meant like 13 hours :D
[0:45] <Cheaterman> orbital time owii
[0:46] <Cheaterman> anyways :3 i'm feeling sleepisleepi, and having had my issue reported does help me feel a bit better about keeping my community waiting :)
[0:46] <Cheaterman> i suppose there's not much more I can do to help fix it hehe
[0:46] <Cheaterman> (no /register command for now :3)
[0:47] <agronholm> I can't trivially reproduce it without declaring tables
[0:52] <Cheaterman> then how could i fix my model to work around the issue? :s
[0:52] <agronholm> I'm working on figuring out what really causes it
[0:52] <agronholm> it wasn't as easy as I thought
[0:52] <Cheaterman> okay
[0:59] <agronholm> getting closer
[0:59] <agronholm> I can now reproduce it without declaring tables
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[1:05] <agronholm> Cheaterman: https://bpaste.net/show/321456950d78
[1:06] <agronholm> better yet: https://bpaste.net/show/f00d55156a05
[1:08] <agronholm> Cheaterman: turns out it's not reproducible with the latest jython
[1:10] <agronholm> it does happen with 2.7.1b2 though
[1:10] <agronholm> but latest hg tip has it fixed apparently
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[12:18] <Cheaterman> agronholm: thanks for the info! I'm gonna try and build the latest hg as standalone, provided I can find instructions explaining how to do it :)
[12:55] <mbooth> Hey guys, any news on when 2.7.1 will be released?
[13:05] <agronholm> Cheaterman: hg clone it, then go to the dir and "ant jar-complete"
[13:05] <agronholm> if you don't have ant installed, install it
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[15:14] <Cheaterman> agronholm: Thanks buddi :-) I don't know if I have ant, but your instructions are simple and clear enough
[15:14] <Cheaterman> (i'll also need hg, i only have git i think)
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