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[10:07] <ProphetDaniel> Good morning
[12:19] <pdurbin> ProphetDaniel: they seem to have nice examples in Java if you just want to use Java instead of Python: http://knowm.org/open-source/xchange/xchange-example-code/
[12:19] <pdurbin> and good morning :)
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[23:18] <ProphetDaniel> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33631652/converting-to-jython-a-python-3-5-project-unicodedecodeerror-unicodeescape
[23:20] <ProphetDaniel> If you think you can help fixing this problem, go for it. If you think you can't, vote it up for increases its visibility among programmers.
[23:21] <ProphetDaniel> Thank you.
[23:25] <agronholm> ProphetDaniel: no luck with py4j then?
[23:31] <agronholm> ProphetDaniel: isn't \udcff in the unicode surrogate chracter range?
[23:43] <agronholm> yeah it is
[23:43] <agronholm> ProphetDaniel: cpython allows lone surrogates while java does not
[23:46] <agronholm> ProphetDaniel: I'll just leave these here -- answer when you want help


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