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[0:21] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, dhable, TomA - taking a look
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[0:57] <jimbaker> i think what happened here is that when i separated out _socketobject from _realsocket to get dup functionality in the _socket module, i didn't take this in account with the poll methods. probably an easy fix...
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[2:51] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: i like easy fixes :)
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[12:42] <grey_> pip.exe is throwing the no attribute 'geteuid' error. issue2360
[12:46] <grey_> deleted %TEMP%\pip_build_[username]. $ ./pip.exe --version
[12:46] <grey_> pip 1.6.dev1
[12:53] <grey_> `jython -m pip install --upgrade pip` does fix the issue.
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[18:16] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: dhable filed http://bugs.jython.org/issue2428 for the first issue we mentioned, turns out the second issue with file descriptors was user error
[18:16] <nickmbailey> let us know if we can get any other info or test anything out
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[20:38] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, ack, although i think the fd issue is still real. but perhaps not exercised in actual code. i will take a look at 2428!
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