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[17:20] <sagittarian> how can I add to the value of the registry variable java.ext.dirs without overriding the default?
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[19:17] <nickmbailey> @jimbaker seeing a strange socket issue with jython 2.7 i wonder if you might be able to help myself, TomA and dhable with
[19:17] <nickmbailey> or someone might be able to help with
[19:17] <nickmbailey> we have a test script that demonstrates the issue which i through up in a gist
[19:17] <nickmbailey> https://gist.github.com/nickmbailey/b047390a5effa1b20856
[19:19] <nickmbailey> basically our script emulates how the twisted poll reactor deals with opening up sockets and jython 2.7 has some issues that cython and jython 2.5 don't
[19:19] <nickmbailey> mostly TomA and dhable are working on this so they can correct me if i'm wrong
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[21:32] <dhable> @jimcaker we're also seeing that the fileno() returns a value that is inconsistent with the fd value from poll().
[21:33] <dhable> @jimbaker sorry about the name typo. here's a small gist that represents what we're seeing - https://gist.github.com/dhable/74122434b7c8abef42f3
[21:40] <pjenvey> i suspect sock == fd
[21:41] <dhable> that's what i gathered from the socket notes. from the code, it looks like fileno() just returns self.
[21:41] <pjenvey> not that that wouldn't make it a bug arguably
[21:43] <pjenvey> _realsocket returns itself, but the _socketobject wrapper returns its underlying real socket
[21:43] <pjenvey> sock is probably the latter
[21:46] <dhable> if I call fd.fileno(), i then get back to the _realsocket. so "if sock.fileno() == fd.fileno()" behaves as I would expect
[21:52] <pjenvey> poll claims to return fds so I'd say it's probably a bug that it's not returning a 'jython fd' (_realsocket here)
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