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[7:06] <lac_> jimbaker: I know there are differences between packaging for ubuntu and packaging for debian, but I don't know what they are. My in-house expert on all things debian is on vacation with his family this week.
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[17:24] <jimbaker> lac, no worries. barry warsaw always assumed i would be interested in helping out on this packaging of jython when i was at canonical... but i always passed up on the opportunity ;)
[17:24] <jimbaker> anyway, i will see what i can do to help push it the right direction
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[18:14] <sidrero> any suggestion on an easy to use library to consume soap services
[18:14] <sidrero> ?
[18:14] <sidrero> im trying suds and does not work so well
[18:24] <sidrero> the webservices i consume, if i do with Cpython and soappy works always
[18:25] <sidrero> but with suds sometimes work sometimes not
[18:55] <agronholm> sidrero: I've used suds-jurko, no problems so far
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[20:12] <sidrero> i see, i am using the original suds, ill try jurko
[20:12] <sidrero> can that explain my problems?
[20:12] <sidrero> which jurko version? 0.7?
[20:14] <agronholm> you haven't told us what problems you're having
[20:15] <agronholm> 0.6 actually
[20:15] <sidrero> erratic behavior
[20:15] <agronholm> like?
[20:16] <sidrero> sometimes the answer is correct sometimes stuff is mussing
[20:16] <sidrero> sometimes the envelope is not correct
[20:16] <agronholm> well you really should try suds-jurko then
[20:16] <sidrero> ill do
[20:17] <agronholm> I asked jurko and apparently the original author is MIA
[20:17] <sidrero> mia?
[20:17] <agronholm> which explains why the original project has stalled
[20:17] <agronholm> Missing In Action
[20:17] <sidrero> oh
[20:17] <agronholm> ie. nowhere to be found
[20:17] <sidrero> i see
[20:17] <sidrero> a pitty
[20:18] <sidrero> i check jurko tomorrow
[20:18] <sidrero> when working with https, i copied some code to accept all certificates
[20:18] <sidrero> is that a good way?
[20:19] <sidrero> the link to the code i got from the original suds page
[20:21] <agronholm> um
[20:22] <agronholm> if you accept all certificates, you've made https mostly pointless
[20:29] <sidrero> i am in the intranet of the company, so its piintless anyway
[20:32] <sidrero> if i am using jython standalone, what is the best way to use a python librsry like suds?
[20:32] <sidrero> install in Lib in a non standalone and then copy the folder where i need it an add to the path to jython standalone
[20:32] <sidrero> or jyst copy the suds foldrr without installing?
[20:32] <sidrero> or both are fine?
[20:39] <agronholm> you can make a jar containing the suds package
[20:40] <sidrero> both jython and suds or only suds?
[20:41] <agronholm> I prefer keeping each software project in their separate jars
[20:42] <sidrero> thats not so great for me, suds has to stay outside the project
[20:42] <agronholm> ehm, doesn't this accomplish just that?
[20:43] <sidrero> got lost
[20:43] <sidrero> ok if suds is a python lib how do you package it into a jar?
[20:43] <agronholm> jar cf
[20:44] <agronholm> or just use "zip" and rename it to .jar
[20:44] <sidrero> oh wow
[20:44] <sidrero> why is jar better than just zip?
[20:45] <agronholm> because class loaders understand jars
[20:45] <sidrero> I see
[20:45] <sidrero> very interesting i'll try that
[20:46] <sidrero> so i download jurko and directly jar it?
[20:46] <agronholm> download and install
[20:46] <agronholm> jar the top level package in site-packages then
[20:46] <sidrero> ok sounds good
[20:46] <agronholm> make sure the zip/jar has a "suds" folder then
[20:46] <agronholm> so imports work
[20:46] <sidrero> yep
[20:47] <agronholm> also
[20:47] <agronholm> the package folder will probably contain both .py and .class
[20:47] <agronholm> you may want to delete either one before packaging
[20:47] <agronholm> ones
[20:47] <sidrero> why?
[20:48] <agronholm> including both would be redundant, wouldn't it?
[20:48] <sidrero> isee
[20:48] <agronholm> although there are use cases for that
[20:48] <sidrero> but harmless i guess?
[20:48] <sidrero> like?
[20:48] <agronholm> like debugging
[20:48] <sidrero> ok
[20:49] <agronholm> if you include both you get both a startup speed increase and access to the source code when debugging
[20:49] <agronholm> at the cost of a larger file size
[20:49] <sidrero> i see
[20:53] <sidrero> agronholm, what is the best way or approach to get to understand how jython works internally?
[20:54] <agronholm> sidrero: read the developer guides, the jython book and dive into the source code
[20:58] <sidrero> thanks
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[22:14] <lac> sidero: fix bugs. :)
[22:15] <lac> er
[22:15] <lac> sidrero: fix bugs
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