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[15:49] <jimbaker> lac_, re http://bugs.jython.org/issue2415 - so i assume this is best practice - http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/auto-pkg-test.html ? (i worked on upstream juju, so never dealt with packaging...)
[15:50] <jimbaker> also if anyone is interested in helping out on the deb package, specifically getting to 2.7.1, and off 2.5.3, that would be great
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[16:15] <jimbaker> fwiw, i found it interesting that the current launch script is a perl script when i installed jython 2.5.3-3 - i was wondering why there was a perl dependency. (in 2.7, we use a cpython script for the launcher.)
[16:15] <jimbaker> (installed on ubuntu 15.04)
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[20:20] <jimbaker> agronholm, just wanted to tell you that the bundled wheels for ensurepip have now finally been upgraded to latest upstream, and i have removed the jython-specific ones i had put together for 2.7.0
[20:20] <jimbaker> thanks for making this happen!
[20:38] <jimbaker> looks like we still need a jython-specific wheel building tool (https://github.com/jythontools/wheel), but that hopefully is an easy thing for us to upstream. regardless, wheels built by other pythons should work if pure python
[20:39] <agronholm> jimbaker: great!
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