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[14:45] <nickmbailey> so just discovered https://wiki.python.org/jython/SSLModule which says jython doesn't handle server side ssl yet
[14:45] <nickmbailey> as wikis are often notoriously outdated, i thought i'd double check in here
[14:59] <agronholm> I'm not even sure
[15:02] <xemdetia> I think the main thing to take away from that wiki is 'Java manages certificates completely differently to cpython: see socket module documentation on SSL for more information.'
[15:02] <xemdetia> here be dragons that jython would likely have trouble abstracting from
[15:03] <xemdetia> (to appear pythonic, there probably is a fine way to work them)
[15:03] <agronholm> jython has many such pain points
[15:17] <nickmbailey> yeah, we have two ssl server sockets in our app right now and I was hoping not to have to rip them out and stick in something java based
[15:18] <agronholm> what sort of server app?
[15:19] <agronholm> does it run inside a JEE container?
[15:19] <xemdetia> or even something you could reverse proxy with nginx and do the encryption over there
[15:19] <agronholm> my real question is, why jython?
[15:20] <nickmbailey> heh, we have an app with components written in both twisted python and clojure
[15:20] <nickmbailey> we want to get the twisted python part on the jvm at the very least
[15:20] <nickmbailey> hence jython
[15:20] <xemdetia> *____*
[15:21] <xemdetia> it seems like you have bigger problems
[15:23] <xemdetia> in testing does the *rest of your app* work as-is with jython?
[15:40] <nickmbailey> actually things work pretty well with jython yeah
[15:41] <nickmbailey> still have to port some python libs with c extensions to something java based
[15:41] <nickmbailey> and figure out a weird socket timeout issue
[15:41] <nickmbailey> but twisted runs, twisted unit tests run
[15:42] <nickmbailey> i did have to patch a little bit of twisted, but nothing major
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[16:27] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, sorry that wiki page is completely and terribly out of date
[16:27] <jimbaker> being last updated 2012-06-08
[16:29] <jimbaker> for more info, i did write a doc to capture the socket design, including ssl, although i have to update it, other than the doc stating at the top what needs to be updated - https://github.com/jimbaker/socket-reboot
[16:31] <jimbaker> there is one important thing that server ssl sockets do not yet support, and that is providing full support for plaintext -> SSL negotiation, that is STARTTLS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STARTTLS)
[16:31] <nickmbailey> ah ok
[16:31] <nickmbailey> we aren't using that
[16:31] <nickmbailey> at the moment
[16:32] <jimbaker> when i last looked at it, netty did not provide such support, but maybe it has since been added
[16:32] <jimbaker> yeah, it's really only necessary for older protocols like FTP or POP3
[16:33] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, but my presumption has been that people who want this probably want an efficient twisted reactor that maps to netty directly. but certainly doable
[16:34] <jimbaker> anyway, let's see if i can nuke this out of date page
[16:34] <nickmbailey> +1
[17:02] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, ok, it should be further detailed, but at least it's now accurate: https://wiki.python.org/jython/SSLModule
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[17:32] <nickmbailey> awesome,
[17:33] <nickmbailey> is beta2 officially out or still in dev?
[17:33] <nickmbailey> for 2.7.1
[18:05] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, i was taking vacation this past week, so just syncing up right now :)
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[18:09] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, just talked to fwierzbicki on another channel (he's welcome to chime in here as well), but frank plans to do the official release this weekend of beta 2
[18:10] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, one nice thing is that beta 2 does have initial support for ssl.SSLContext. we should have more functionality completed by the rc
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[19:37] <nickmbailey> jimbaker: awesome, hope the vacation was relaxing :)
[19:38] <nickmbailey> good to hear about beta2, we'll give it a go next week
[19:38] <jimbaker> sounds good, definitely want your feedback
[19:38] <jimbaker> yep, santa cruz is quite relaxing! i will also be sailing here tomorrow
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