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[5:36] <newman> how can i import java pdf classes in kivy framework
[5:44] <agronholm> newman: using kivy with jython?
[5:56] <newman> yeah
[5:58] <agronholm> brave one
[5:58] <agronholm> but why?
[5:58] <agronholm> and how did you get the Cython based event loop to work with jython
[6:00] <newman> no man i just want to create a CAMSCANNER app in kivy for android for that
[6:01] <agronholm> you can't use jython on android
[6:01] <newman> i need to use camera to capture picture and then convert them into pdf how can we do it ?
[6:01] <newman> and also i am using kivy and yeah i am new to kivy
[6:01] <agronholm> I have no idea how to produce PDFs on android
[6:02] <agronholm> but unless there are native calls for that, you need to rely on Python libraries for that
[6:02] <newman> yeah i searched and found that we can python lib in kivy
[6:03] <newman> there is a lib known as img2 pdf in python
[6:03] <newman> but once u create it in kivy then u can deploy anywhere (cross platform ) man
[6:04] <agronholm> well not really...you need android specific calls to access the camera, right?
[6:08] <newman> but i have seen there is camera api in kivy
[6:09] <agronholm> oh?
[6:09] <agronholm> ok then
[6:09] <agronholm> but this still has nothing to do with jytohn
[6:09] <agronholm> jython
[6:10] <newman> do u know about kivy ?
[6:10] <newman> =D
[6:10] <agronholm> yes
[6:11] <agronholm> I am on #kivy
[6:14] <newman> so u tell me can i build the camscanner app on kivy
[6:15] <agronholm> newman: I wouldn't know, I haven't actually used it
[6:16] <agronholm> but whatever you need, it has nothing to do with jython
[6:17] <newman> ok but i need a lib of python which can convert img into pdf files
[6:17] <newman> and the lib can be import in kivy?
[6:18] <agronholm> this STILL has NOTHING to do with Jython
[6:18] <agronholm> ask kivy questions on #kivy please
[6:30] <newman> so we cannot use jython on android huh?
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[6:30] <agronholm> that's what I said
[6:31] <agronholm> and kivy doesn't work with Jython anyway
[6:31] <agronholm> unless I'm badly mistaken
[6:32] <newman> okay there was one guy on kivy irc he said me to that we can go with jython
[6:32] <newman> okays thanxx agronholm
[6:32] <newman> :)
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[19:46] <sidrero> any suggestion for a lubrary to build a simple soap client?
[19:47] <sidrero> i am looking for something similar to soappy that would work with jython
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