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[7:09] <cyraxjoe> pdurbin: thanks!
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[9:18] <jaraco> I???ve read through the book on running Jython in a Java application. I???ve searched the existing bugs. Yet, I still can find no explanation or answer for http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25876760/why-cant-i-access-jython-access-stdlib-modules-when-called-from-tomcat
[9:19] <jaraco> I won???t be able to hang on to IRC for long, but I???m hoping to get some advice on how to proceed for help.
[9:21] <jaraco> If raising the awareness of that SO article isn???t enough, would someone here consider adding a comment (or answer) to that question indicating what steps might help progress the issue? If filing a ticket with the Jython bug tracker is appropriate, I???m happy to do that too.
[9:21] <jaraco> Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
[9:22] <agronholm> jaraco: java class loaders are tricky :/
[9:23] <agronholm> jaraco: how do you package your stuff though?
[9:23] <agronholm> is it supposed to load your stuff from a jar?
[9:27] <jaraco> agronholm: I???m working with MoneyDance, which has extensions that are loaded at run time. I???m not yet sure how the projects are packaged.
[9:28] <agronholm> jaraco: are you having specifically problems import stdlib modules?
[9:32] <jaraco> agronholm: Yes, that???s right. ???import os??? fails.
[9:32] <agronholm> jaraco: which jython jar did you use?
[9:36] <jaraco> The MoneyDance extension creates the interpreter here: https://bitbucket.org/infinitekind/moneydance_open/src/68fa43d00be1152ddac26ed123d6baf274decf2e/src/com/moneydance/modules/features/jpython/Main.java?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default#Main.java-88
[9:37] <agronholm> that's not what I asked
[9:37] <jaraco> agronholm: All tests thusfar are with Jython 2.5 and 2.7b1, as apparently with 2.7b2 and later there is an outstanding issue.
[9:37] <agronholm> why would you use beta versions?
[9:37] <agronholm> what outstanding issue are you referring to?
[9:38] <jaraco> For now, this is the best indication I have: https://bitbucket.org/infinitekind/moneydance_open/commits/f253358e6f998c304e7c8abda2e85bd3ecedbefa
[9:38] <jaraco> I???m seeking more info here: https://bitbucket.org/infinitekind/moneydance_open/issues/2/jython-270-final-does-not-work
[9:38] <agronholm> "doesn't work" is really unhelpful
[9:39] <jaraco> I apologize. I???m somewhat of a middle man here, only relaying vague details.
[9:39] <agronholm> anyways, which jython jars did you use?
[9:39] <agronholm> I'm talking about which jar distributions
[9:39] <jaraco> I used the jython jars on either side of that referenced commit.
[9:39] <agronholm> oh, the jars are bundled there
[9:40] <jaraco> Although??? the ???Jython 2_1??? name indicates that it???s Jython 2.1, but I think it???s actually 2.5, because that???s what sys.version reported.
[9:41] <jaraco> I???m still learning the extension framework, but I built the latest extension using ???ant jpython???, then loaded that built extension into the application.
[9:41] <jaraco> (I had to use ant genkeys first to generate a signing key)
[9:42] <jaraco> Beyond that, it???s all still a mystery to me how the application runs or loads the extensions.
[9:43] <agronholm> jaraco: when I deployed my app on Java Web Start, I had to tinker with the jython jar
[9:43] <agronholm> it would not import stuff otherwise
[9:43] <jaraco> What sorts of tinkering was required?
[9:44] <agronholm> I'm just looking for the script
[9:44] <agronholm> jaraco: https://bpaste.net/show/ee42cdf5bec7
[9:47] <jaraco> agronholm: That???s a great lead. I???ve referenced that in the MD ticket, and I???ll try it later. Thanks!
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[10:50] <pdurbin> cyraxjoe: you're welcome. someone should probably update the javadoc on the main website, right?
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[16:29] <cyraxjoe> pdurbin: yeah I think so too. The website is mostly focused on 2.5. Just the news refers to 2.7
[16:29] <cyraxjoe> It's there a public repo for the website?
[17:15] <pdurbin> good question
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