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[2:49] <qwebirc26645> hello
[2:50] <qwebirc26645> does anyone know how to pass objects from java from java code to jython and then to commit to mysql
[2:52] <agronholm> what part are you having difficulties with?
[3:08] <qwebirc26645> i am trying to send instaited objects from java code to Jython for processing for changing jython code
[3:08] <agronholm> changing jython code?
[3:09] <qwebirc26645> like for example a plane in java and then a jython code to process it
[3:09] <agronholm> processing planes in jython code?
[3:09] <qwebirc26645> like say (java) Plane plane = new Plane() then what do I do to send it to a jython file
[3:10] <qwebirc26645> I want to make a general intellegence version for a portfolio
[3:10] <agronholm> are you running this as a jython app? or did you instantiate a PythonInterpreter from Java?
[3:10] <qwebirc26645> and then have jython change with updates from a database and crawlers to fill it
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[3:11] <qwebirc26645> yes i instatied the jython interpreter
[3:12] <qwebirc26645> under final PythonInterpreter interpreter = new PythonInterpreter();
[3:12] <agronholm> and you don't know how to make calls to Python code from Java I take it?
[3:13] <qwebirc26645> yea like say sending an object in java to jython for processing
[3:14] <agronholm> have you seen the jython book?
[3:14] <agronholm> particularly this chapter? http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/JythonAndJavaIntegration.html
[3:14] <qwebirc26645> no where?
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