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[13:34] <leonardo> maybe is an obvious question, but: if i use a native java package as a module in my jython script, will it be significantly slower than if used inside a native java application?
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[14:06] <agronholm> leonardo: going back and forth between python and java is slow
[14:20] <leonardo> agronholm: ok, but what if i have a native java method, i call it once passing just a bunch of arguments and wait for the results? Is this method just executed directly by the jvm after the arguments are translated in their java counterpart or there's something more?
[14:20] <agronholm> how do you generally deploy your app?
[14:20] <agronholm> do you run it in a JEE or servlet container?
[14:22] <agronholm> the call is directly executed
[14:22] <agronholm> I'm just wondering if you could use py4j rather than jython
[14:23] <leonardo> i'm writing a standalone tcp server which process a bunch of text (usually a long one) and just return the resulted text obtained by the native java method
[14:23] <agronholm> so use py4j instead
[14:24] <agronholm> well
[14:24] <agronholm> depends on the performance of course
[14:24] <agronholm> you'll have to decide for yourself
[14:24] <agronholm> it might even be faster to do it in jython
[14:24] <agronholm> but I can't make that determination
[14:26] <leonardo> well, i dunno, but i'm pretty sure that the java method is pretty much the only concern, because the python code is just "open socket, listen, pass the string, send, close"
[14:28] <leonardo> so, probably is not really important if i use jython or py4j, since the code of my package is executed in the same manner
[14:29] <agronholm> performance is the only difference I guess
[14:29] <agronholm> if you're concerned about that
[14:30] <leonardo> a bit, but my only concern is about the java part performances
[14:31] <xemdetia> sounds like you need to measure
[14:32] <agronholm> leonardo: the java part will perform the same regardless of jython or py4j
[14:33] <leonardo> so i think i'll continue to use jython
[14:34] <leonardo> maybe in my spare time i'll try to benchmark cpython and jython socket's performance
[14:36] <agronholm> I expect cpython to win
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