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[14:53] <hoangelos> anyone here that's coverted an app that used OpenSSL extensively to Jython? Especially something based on Twisted?
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[22:40] <apollonovich> Should I be able to add paths in jars other than the main jython jar to sys.path programmatically?
[22:41] <agronholm> apollonovich: yes
[22:42] <apollonovich> is any special magic required? When I try to run the associated program, I get the dreaded "no module named...." error
[22:43] <agronholm> it all depends on what you're doing and how
[22:43] <agronholm> like what exactly is in the jar file
[22:43] <agronholm> try adding the jar to CLASSPATH before you start jython -- see if that helps
[22:43] <apollonovich> the jar contains a bunch of java classes, and a path jython/site-packages
[22:43] <agronholm> the jar contains a path?
[22:43] <apollonovich> then I'm invoking PythonInterpreter from one of the classes contained in the jar.
[22:44] <apollonovich> and I'm attempting to add to sys.path the paths inside the jar by parsing up class.getResources(), and adding it to sys.path.
[22:44] <agronholm> that's not what you asked...I very much doubt that will work
[22:45] <apollonovich> http://pastebin.com/QQMXV55S
[22:46] <apollonovich> so you can have python modules...on the file system...and in the jython-standalone jar...but no other jars?
[22:47] <agronholm> you can have python modules in other jars
[22:47] <agronholm> just put the packages in the root of the jar
[22:47] <agronholm> and by packages I mean python packages, not other jars
[22:47] <apollonovich> ah, so I should just dump the python packages into the root of the jar, rather than in a nested path within the jar?
[22:48] <agronholm> I haven't found any other way to make it work -- I just make jars of all my libs
[22:48] <apollonovich> 1 jar per lib? or 1 jar with all the libs?
[22:49] <agronholm> doesn't really matter, but my choice was 1 jar per lib
[22:49] <agronholm> makes it easier to organize
[22:51] <apollonovich> cause using getResource works fine before everything gets packaged, but then everything goes to hell.
[22:52] <agronholm> because the class loader can't find the modules
[22:52] <apollonovich> ok, I think I figured it out. I need to modify sys.path before I create the PythonInterpreter.
[22:52] <apollonovich> if I do that, it scans the new paths.
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